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The Future Of Robots?

Well......Elon is at it again..this time creating something he is scared of...robots. You can even tell in his presentation how uncomfortable he is. And yet here we are. $100,000 the robot doesn't look anything like this when completed! Can you tell me what's wrong with the illustration vs functions? Where to start? Don't make me go join this team to make sure its done right! LOL!

But seriously, one good thing that could come out of this? New actuators for robotics, that are strong and quiet, drag and drop bipedal balancing, walking robots, AI and machine learning for movements, movement planning, etc.

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Q and A....and no it won't be open-sourced...

wonderful, no stopping this technology, we will wait to see
I didn't actually hear anyone on this team speak who knew anything about Robotics.
" ...so ummm you're going to actually have robotics folks on your Tesla car team, right?"
Will....YES....you need to work on their team, like yesterday, as a consultant!!  That way you don't have to relocate and you still can do movies and your own projects.
Not looking forward to a million dollar robot that will come 10 years from now,look at price on Tesla cars!