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The Tutorials Should Have More Links Across The Site

I'm reading one of the tutorials, called Servo, and it says:


The EZ-B v4 has high accuracy which results in 180 servo positions. The EZ-B v4 can control 24 servos simultaneously while it performs other various user specified tasks. If your servos draw more current then our specification sheet defines, the EZ-B may run out of power and reboot itself. This is called a Brown-Out. To prevent brown-out with many servos, provide alternate power. Check the manual on how to do that.

I think the specification sheet and manual should be linked to. I wasn't sure that "the manual" was a page until I found this post "Downloadable Manuals? " and DJ Sures said there was a page that had the manual.

I think I'll be able to find it, IIRC I stumbled across it already, but it would be convenient to link to them when mentioned.

Once, a while ago, I found an "old"/beta spec sheet that had the good stuff. I think it was hard linked in a community post. However, the "spec sheet" that was officially posted did not have as detailed information.

Here is the one I found useful:

Which I originally obtained on this thread:
Power Supply Reference Thread

I would link to the spec sheet on the product page, but it seems that it's no longer there. I do remember that it was difficult to obtain before, but it seems the website has been updated.


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Welcome to the site! I would highly recommend limiting your new forum threads by adding to one that you have already created. This is obvious your co-operation to prevent forum spam and make it much easier to have a fluent discussion.:) Thanks!

As for links, thanks for providing feedback. There's always room to grow! And your feedback presented in a positive manner is appreciated and therefore welcomed. The website section that is most important to you as a beginner is called Learn and can be accessed by pressing the LEARN tab from the top menu.

Soon as you land on the learn section, we took time to create a video which explains it - even easier than reading :). The learn section will present courses, and each course has tutorials.

If you are looking for specific EZ-B v4 information, click on the EZ-B v4 course - it's pretty easy:) You'll get the hang of it soon enough! For example, there is an entire course on the EZ-B v4 that contains datasheet and more. Everything that you are looking for is actually in one place, and it's politely presented as the EZ-B v4 course in the learn section.:) Enjoy!