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United Kingdom
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The New Rgb 8X8 Display We Are Waiting For

The NEW RGB 8x8 Display we are waiting for (taking a long time ?)

I asked a question some time ago about the SIZE of the above item so I could print a suitable housing, thanks to those that helped. BUT when I looked at EZ-Community I now have TWO sizes

1. 41.46 by 39.29 / 47.64
7.18mm + led top 9mm t= 16.18 plus back part

2. 8x8 display is 48mm (1.89 inches) x 48mm (1.89 inches) x 15.7mm (0.62 inches).

text Can anyone state which is correct ( can someone from EZ robot please answer this question)

UK based builder


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The second measurement is correct. Doing some more accurate measurements with a caliper, the measurements are: 1.88" x 1.88" with the depth from the face of the display to the ezclip solder blob being ~0.63" (this measurement is dependent on how much solder is added)
United Kingdom

Thanks for you help

That a great help, I can now print the housing to hold three LCD 8x8 display units

Hope they are not long coming !

paul ;)
Early in the New year! We're switching manufacturers that can keep up with things like this.