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The Nao Robot

check this out


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Watch TED that was I believe the second episode about that robot and its creator.
It's neat but not as neat as you'd imagine. Very scripted auctions. It has potential:)
yep, potential to cost you $4200-$16,000. A little over my price range. But, I do like it. I applied to be a Developer, but, I will flunk the software test.

I could be a Beta Tester , though. But, they don't give discounts for that.
While that may have been scripted, here's fully autonomous Naos playing soccer:

Lots more videos on Youtube. And checkout RoboCup.org

From: RoboCup Standard Platform League - Wiki
"The RoboCup Standard Platform League (SPL) is one of several leagues within RoboCup,[1] an international competition with autonomous robotic soccer matches as the main event.

In the Standard Platform League all teams use identical (i.e., standard) robots,[2] allowing the teams concentrate on software development rather than the mechanics of robots.[3] The robots operate fully autonomously; i.e., there is no remote control by either humans or computers during the games.

The League began as the Sony Four-Legged League in 1999 using the Sony AIBO. Initially a small number of teams were invited to join the league. In 2002, the league was opened and teams were allowed to apply through a qualification process. After Sony announced that it would discontinue production of the AIBO in 2006, the League searched for a new platform and decided on the Aldebaran Robotics humanoid NAO. In 2008, the League ran both AIBOs and Naos and was renamed the Standard Platform League. From 2009, only the Naos were used."