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The Fortune Teller

Hi Dave here
Just orderd a kit from here a week ago
But I think the order got stuffed up
The shipper has no record of the number that was sent to me
Oh we'll hope it gets fixed soon
Any how the project that I am going to build is a 1940 arcade fortune teller
I have been collecting parts for this over a year know
So am looking forward to start building it
I will try to keep you posted on the progress .



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United Kingdom
There should be tracking information in your orders, with links to click on (at least mine does).

Anyway, sounds like a cool project. Like the fortune teller in Big?
The fortune teller sounds neat:) I'm sure someone will get back to you soon. In the meantime, have you pressed the Tracking button on your Orders Page like suggested by Rich?

It will auto search the tracking method for your shipment from there:) Maybe it's held at customs... if that is the case, it will be displayed in the tracking information.
Welcome to the forum! Sounds like a neat project. Always like to see pics - hint hint
Yer looks like it got fixed
Every time I pushed on the tracking It would send me to DHL and there was no info
It's in CA at this time and should have it soon
Thank all
Great to hear! The shipping tracking website stuff is kinda wonky. Every now and then they return weird info.

I'm excited to see the fortune teller. I've always loved old arcade technology. I grew up around video games because my family owned arcade. I spent a lot of time going through the really old games in the storage garage. The mechanical driving games with film projectors! Or the clown that has the strings that dances for a nickel.

My whole life I've always wanted to see a fortune teller arcade. Never have. Now there will be one on our forum! Makes me happy:)
Hi Dave,
Do you have any pictures of the parts you've collected? What is it going to look like and what do you plan to have it do and how? Is going to be a replica of one of the old classics? I love thoughs things!
Yes but I have to be carful of the photo so I need to fix them
User-inserted image
I am going to try to get close to a 1940s As I can I have been building a 1930s
Movie theater in my basement a still have lots of things to find or make *blush*
I'm big into the carnival stuff form the 1900 to the 70s
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
David! That is an amazing collection of stuff. Thank you for sharing! That driving game is excellent. I'd love to take it apart:D