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The Auto Servo Positioning Control Looks Good

I made a lynxmotion JOHNNY FIVE robot and was using SSC-32 ,but with the new control it looks perfect for JOHNNY FIVE robot project
i think my design uses 16 servos .since i made many changes from the lynxmotion kit they sell

Another great use for EZB,the list keeps growing


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Sounds like good news! Will you be putting it up on a project page soon?
yes ,board is perfect for that design,might have a problem with ITX BOARD,i think one i have on it pico-itx 1ghz and 2 gig of ram wont work

here is photo of the robot sold by lynxmotion,i made many many changes,motor upgrade,added another deck for my computer board,dervo upgrades plus added more servo's and web camera
User-inserted image
Thats awesome robotmaker! we can hardly wait to see your version!....heading to Lynxmotion to check it out:) ...wow 16 servos..your gonna run out of Data lines...
Will be posting photos up this weekend ,its partly apart ,for some more changes
and most of the servos are HSR-5990TG high torque servos and it may have 2 more servo controls.

For the track motors,they are high torque motors,witch i might use servo to h-bridge circuit.

SO a total of 18 RC CONTROLS
also looking at using AIR solenoids for head tilt
yes i thought about them,reason i might go with air is because it will look closer to real johnny five