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The Apple Mfi Robot Edition Of ARC


I was reading the FAQs and it mentioned this 'The Apple MFI Robot edition of ARC '

What is it, and it this available? Is it a native version app for iOS?


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What FAQ did you find that in?
@DJ its the 8th question/answer. Quote:
. Are configuration files compatible between different operating systems?
The Apple MFI Robot edition of ARC runs on iPad and iPhone devices. The configuration files are exchangeable between the Windows, Android and MFI editions. The mobile (MFI/Android) version of ARC obtain their configuration files from the EZ-Cloud. So a user creates their project on the Windows PC, saves project to EZ-Cloud, and loads the project from EZ-Cloud to their mobile device (MFI/Android).
It does make me happy there will one day be a Android ARC , I'm waiting for that . that's HuGE
I am waiting for the iOS ARC!

Well! We're working on it;)
Good deal , hopefully Christmas will come early:D