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Thanks Troy Doctor Who Ftw

Very cool! I tried to take the day off today and walked around the zoo. However, the zoo is only a few blocks from the EZ-Robot hq. I stopped in to see this little surprise on my desk!

Thanks Troy!

User-inserted image


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What is that ¿
Im thinking its something for music
It looks cool
What ever it is
It's the schematic for the doctor who sonic screw driver. I think he wants me to make one...
Now that is cool
Would love to see some good HD photos of it
@DJ hehe. We all know you're a Dr Who fan. You're welcome.:) We all love our geek toys.

@wolfie here are a couple pics

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
I Love it:D
I could build that
or some thing just as "cool" lol
it is workable ;)

A high power twisted magnetic field should do the trick ;)
It wouldn't work. Only the time lords can make them and you can't be one. Any self respecting timelord wouldn't be caught dead in this timeline.;)

...Bad wolf...