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Thanks To Dj.

Open letter to DJ.

One thanks for all you sharing of Robotics, starting EZ-Robot Inc. And all your support.

Without your ideas and vision, I would have stopped doing Robotics. I am now working on finishing 2nd robot, Garden-Bot, not sure if it will ever be finished.

This keeps an old person, going in retirement.

Your new stuff, I will build all three.

JD as my truck buddy, to ride along and so on. Maybe watch movies with me too. He does not get any pop corn. I may let him sing. lol

Hexabot as my Zippy buddy, to do this and that, here and there. He can chase dropped pop corn.

Four wheel bot as my follow around buddy in the house. Help with this and that, carry something small 7" tablet or cell phone for me.

Again thanks a million for everything.

John Alden DeBay



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John, I concur 100 percent!:)
That's really nice to hear:) thank you everyone!