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I have my telepresence robot Tellie which I want to control securely off site.

This is what I don't know. I am using TeamViewer connection to allow my grandchildren to take control of my computer and control Tellie. Tellie is a telepresence Create 2 controlled by Ezb. I want them to be able to control Movement Panel and Dock command on my my computer with an apple iphone. TeamViewer will allow me to control my pc at home with a Iphone at their home. I can do that by letting them control the my computer screen running Ezb. The problem is I don't know if they will be able to use the Ezb control control panel because of the size of the Ezb screen on the iphone.

Is there any way to make a mobile control that works on the same pc that the ezb software is running. Then all they will see is the mobile control when the connect to my computer.

If this is impossible how can I make the movement control larger.


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The title of this thread should be "How do i make mobile interface larger" - this has nothing to do with team viewer.

HEre's your answer User-inserted image


Sorry DJ,

I really just want to know if you can make a mobile control that will work on a pc running Ezb.

If not how can I make the movement control larger on my pc in my Ezb program. T would really not want to change the display to a different resolution to accomplish this.

Either of these will work.

TeamBuilder is way I want to give control of my computer to grandchildren. They will be using the controls on my computer to control Tellie.


The answer is already posted in my response. Please read my response and look at it to see the answer. You can change the size as highlighted in RED. Scroll up to see my response and there's a screenshot that I pasted.

Your grandkids will love it!


DJ, I am NOT planning to use the mobile interface on their home iphone. They will be using the Ezb program on mine from their place.

if I understand that you saying, you are telling me to use the mobile interface on their iphone in Austin, Tx. To do that I need to do port forwarding. I talked to my IT department and since my computer has company secure items on it, they told me I either need to install a VPN tunnel to my computer in Quincy, IL. or use a vpn third party service such as TeamViewer to connect the two computers. I can not set up port forwarding due to security issues. I am trying to find a work around.

If i am not understanding what you are saying above I am sorry. Please explain what I am misunderstanding.

A better way of explaining what I want to do is have something on my computer that looks like the mobile app but is really just another controller control like the joystick plugin. When they connect to my computer they can open the plugin controller and use it to control the robot.

I hope I am not frustrating you. I am doing something completely different than the mobile control.



You can build a mobile interface, and put it on one of the three "screens" of ARC. It works very much like if it is actually running on the mobile device. Not every feature will work, but movement panels, video, etc will. The advantage with that is that you can make a simplified interface for the grandkids, with the ability to size many objects the way you want, and still have all of the power of ARC for Windows running behind it.

The other option, but it takes a lot more work is to make a custom web page in ARC, and then when the kids connect with TeamViewer, they start a browser that connects to the locally running ARC, but again, provides a custom interface. It doesn't include nice things like the movement touch Movement Panel though. Just button controls.



Alan that sounds great. I just want them to be able to do two things control movement control and dock control. Movement would be enough if that is only thing I can do.

How do I create the interface and save it on one of the three windows on ARC?

This is great. Thank you so much.

I know this is the answer I was looking for.



Here is the tutorial page for the mobile interface builder.



Hi @Ellis, I think you were using my EZB Roomba Basic project to initially get your Create 2 working.

Please take a look at the second screen and you will see that it already had a simple mobile interface.

User-inserted image

You can easily modify that

Regards, Frank


This is good Alan and Frank. So I can use yours Frank or create an interface panel in mobile interface builder on my second screen and either one will work on my pc for a cleaner interface.

This is the information I needed. Thanks to both of you.



Hi @Ellis, Here is a pic of my personal Mobile Interface running on a laptop that is being connected to via Splashtop (similar to Team Viewer)

The screen shot is from an iPhone 7 Plus and the controls/camera are of a usable size

User-inserted image

I think this will approach will work well for your grandkids

Regards, Frank


Remember you can change the font size on those controls to make them much larger and easier to read.


This is great Frank. The font recommendation is a great idea.

Thanks Ellis