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T-Hex With Ez-B

I am building my first bot. Wish me luck. Lol. I have a T-hex 3 DOF chassis with EZ-Robots HDD servos and plan to use the EZ-B as the controller. I have the EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit on the way. Will the EZ-B be able to handle the current draw of the 6 additional servos? I am no stranger to RC or drones and thought this would be a challenging project.

Thanks, Jeff User-inserted image


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Dear Jeff, nice robot! you can use 24 Servos at the same time. all what you need is a good lipo battery or an modular power supply with enough Ampere. a powerful low-budget computer and W-LAN Connection make sure that all work perfectly.

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Jeff, I built a Hexapod called Ziggy’ with 3 DOF with 20 servos in total counting the head movement Servos. You do need a good battery, it’s a heavy current drain on the battery. I have two one for the EB-Z controller and the other for the Servos.

See my posting I did a while ago:

Enjoy your build and working with the EB-Z controllers, there GREAT!


Thanks Smarty.
I have lipo batteries and chargers that I use for my drones so I am familiar with batteries. I have a laptop, iPad, and Android tablet to utilize for this project.

cem I have seen your post on Ziggy and that is why I picked up the T-hex. I also plan to run a dual battery setup in hope of preventing controller brownouts. I also plan on putting the camera on a pan/tilt set up. Looking forward to using the EZ-B controller. Seemed like the best solution for a beginner. I also am planning to build an R2D2.


Hi @jeff7457! Welcome! Good Luck- but it doesn't seem like you really need it :D


Thank you Chelsea for the vote of confidence. The easy part is done. I am waiting on the EZ-B to arrive to start the real work. I've also ordered a Hasbro R2D2 and want to get that converted to a working robot. Big star wars fan. :)


Lots of Star Wars fans here!;) Any special plans with the T-Hex?


I really like that T-Hex frame. I made one similar of wood a few years back before I knew about the EZB controller. Makes me want to revisit it but this time with the HDD servos and the EZB Controller. User-inserted image


Wow @rz90208 that is really cool! I am very taken with the idea of using organic materials - were there any unexpected challenges besides the weight?


Chelsea Right now I just want to get it up and running. Learn about the EZ-B controller and make it walk smoothly. Then I would like to add a joystick so I could allow others to control it without handing them my phone or tablet.

rz90208 Looks nice. Sounds like a good plan. Look forward to seeing it.


Using cheap servos and an old NiCad battery from my RC racing days and powering the servos and the Arduino from the same battery. It would work for a while and then would curl up like a spider sprayed with poison. But once I used separate power for the Arduino it worked nice. but did not have much for control. forward back rotate left and rotate right and that was a wired controller. But now if I would redo it with the HDD servos and the EZB, and a few sensors, I could take over the world!


Making a little progress. Working on the gates now.
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R2D2 has given up some old parts. Lol User-inserted image

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Looking good, have fun creating the Gaits. It took me quite a lots of hours using Auto Position to do this, a lot of fine tuning to get the legs in sync. The fastest gait is the tripod’ gait, but I do like the other two the ripple’ and wave’ gaits.

Looking forwards in seeing the video.


Ah poor R2. We can rebuild him faster stronger!

The Auto Position control has quite a bit of documentation to get you started. Check it out here:


Lol. R2 is getting a new brain. User-inserted image