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Synthiam ARC Is Stuck On My Computer

I was showing my mom what was wrong with my EZ-BoxBot when apparently using virtual robot it made Synthiam crash but in a unique way. I can't close ARC Beta now, please tell me what to do. ~~~Offiously  Is it a glitch with ARC Beta?

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Sometimes programs crash or lock up in the windows operating system. Use the task manager to kill the app. Or press the X close on the window a few times and ARC windows will attempt to kill the process.

Learn more about using Microsoft Windows operating system at


Simple reboot the computer hold the power button on a PC until it powers off and then restart, on a laptop do the same.  Sometimes a computer just needs a restart. stopping tasks running in the background and resetting windows.

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I usually hold down the ctrl, alt and delete keys - open task manager, kill / end the process Arc, that's it

no need to reboot



A lot of people keep their computer or laptop on all the time, the computer resets itself during a reboot and that should be done at least once a day. not just the tasks running need a reset but also the windows operating system.  People would bring in a computer for service and with the customer still  there we always tried starting it before they left,  most of the time when we plugged the computer back in it worked fine, their shocked look was" but it was not working",  why because you had to unplug it to bring it in for service. a total reboot can reset everything.


I thought you just wanted to lose ARC Beta

rebooting is always a good thing EzAng


It killed the process on its own


I use "Restart" option to reboot my windows every day - sometimes twice a day. Because I use visual studio so often, it can really mess with windows. This computer only has visual studio and adobe suite installed. That's it - yet it will lock up occasionally. It's also a microsoft surface laptop and they're not knowing for having great reliability... which is surprising considering it's a microsoft product. But it just doesn't have reliable hardware so a lot of things don't work well. Anyway, summary is learn to reboot more often and that'll help with stability of windows