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Sync The Servo Rotation

I am using 2 continuous rotation servos to provide drive power to my tracked chassis. I am using a similar Tamiya chassis to DJ's Tamiya Bulldozer Robot.

The current issue in hand is that while going forward or backward the rover has a little pull starboard.

I thought this might be due to imbalanced tension on both tracks. I have tried my best (using only my 5 senses (no.... I did not use taste and smell)) to get the tension between tracks as equal as possible but I just can't get it perfect and eliminate the pull.

Then again it might be that the servos are not rotating at the same speed..... though I doubt it.

To the point... is there a way to sync the servo rotation or change the speed of one of them from the EZ-builder?

Thanks in advance,


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United Kingdom
You can adjust each servos speed individually with a Speed control or a script and the ServoSpeed(Port,Speed) command.
You cannot use the ServoSpeed command for continuous rotation servos - it is PWM Ramping that can only be used for Standard Servos.

In order to adjust the speed of a continuous rotation servo, hit the CONFIG button on the Modified servo Movement Panel. Adjust the value of the servo that is too fast and slow it down one notch.:)
Thank you! I managed to config the servos though not perfectly but the pull is hardly noticeable.