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Switching Polarity To A Dc Motor

Hello everyone;

I'm assume it is possible, I need to have the EZ-b control a dc motor to the left and to the right, by switching polarity, between neg and pos,,,is that easy to do?


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To control a DC motor you need an H-bridge motor controller. They can all switch direction, most can control 2 motors. Start with how many amps your motor draws at stall, and we can advise on what controller you need.



Thanx Alan. I have an H bridge for the drive motors , I only have a small dc motor that only needs to move lest to right, not 360.


Still needs an H-bridge. EZ-B (or any microcontroller) drive servos natively because servos have little h-bridge contoller boards built in. To drive a motor, you need a motor controller (could do it with a relay, but then no polarity or speed control).

If you only want to go left or right a specific distance and not continue rotating, then replacing the motor with a servo is probably your best bet since it also has the potentiometer and feedback circuit to read position built in. Recreating that for an existing motor will cost far more than just buying a servo.



Hmmm, maybe I should switch to a servo


Ok, 5Volt,,, one small DC Motor , is there any H-Bridges that only control one small motor?


Of Course I can use a dual H-Bridge and use the second connection for something else?



Of Course I can use a dual H-Bridge and use the second connection for something else?

Yup. Note, with an H-bridge, it isn't the volts, it is the amps that matter. A small 5v hobby motor is probably fine with a cheap 2amp H-bridge, but if you have the specs of the motor, you should check.



Thanx, and sorry for all the Newbie questions. I appreciate the help:)


We were all newbie's once. Some of still are on some topics ;)