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Surveyor Svr1 Update

Conversion of the robot surveyor svr1 first steps Today I downloaded the app on ios iphone 4s ios 8.2 okay greetings to all from Italy


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I managed to connect v4 EZ-B to iphone 4s and Nexus7 Android tablet but I could not connect pc windows 8 I get a message communication wifi limited and after a few steps when I try to add camera ez building freezes and I also blocks the pc until reboot grazie e saluti da Roberto Italia

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What make is the PC? If it's a Compaq or HP, you will have problems connecting the EZ-B to the computer in AP mode due to limitations of the wireless adapter HP and Compaq uses. You can use the browser on your iPhone or Nexus to connect to the EZ-B's server and change it to "Client mode" so your PC will connect to the EZ-B via your router.

Connecting the EZ-B in AP and Client mode.


Not disagreeing with Steve, but do want to point out that the wifi limited message is correct. When Windows 8 connects to a WiFi network, it attempts to connect to a server. If it can't connect, it gives that error. Since you are connecting directly to the EZ-B, you don't have an internet connection at the same time, so you will get that error message.



Yep, limited warning is normal. Without Internet the computer gets sad. If you connect the ez-b to your router you can use the Internet and connect to the ez-b at the same time.

As for the computer freeze, maybe your pc isn't strong enough? Also, if you try a video source with no video, I find ARC can hang for a bit. Make sure every other program is off to ensure ez/builder can use all of your PC memory.

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Wow, didn't know that about Windows 8. I've only been using it for a few weeks so still feeling my way around as I've been using 7 ever since it was released. Well that's my new thing learned for the day.;)


The PCs that use asus g73j core i7, so do not think it would try to speed client so I can explain step by step what should I do with Roberto from Italy


Really simply issue that can be fix in less than 5 min. Reset your V4 and follow the tutorial. If your computer is connected to the V4 and saying limited, that is because the v4 is in Client mode. Client is the default WiFi setting, it is design to work with your mobile devices. Windows 8 sometime don't play nice with AP mode, but will allow you to get into the V4 set up page (192.168. 1.1). Easiest way to do it, is to connect the v4 to your existing home network (router). mobiles devices and PC will connect easily.

Have you set up your network preferences already?


I get always this error message: No DLLs ware found in the waterfall procedure what can I do greetings Roberto

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I believe waterfall relates to the gopro camera and software. Have you had gopro software installed on your computer then uninstalleld it? If so, reinstall it and try again. From what I've heard, uninstalleld gopro software also removes files it shouldn't and a reinstall puts them back.


I uninstalled gopro restarted and the error message is still the same: No DLLs ware found in the waterfall procedure Now I still have a doubt I also uninstall avast?


Uninstalling the gopro software does not remove the offending dll's, you need to manually delete them. See the thread I linked to.



Ok no longer appears the error message and managed to collegre the cam, thanks for help, are not ruscito to link a photo to the forum posts I can explain step by step how I do thanks and greetings from Italy Roberto