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Supported Thrid Party Wii Remotes

I was trying to do the research on this topic myself but I figured I'd put it to the community instead since you all have experience will all kinds of controllers. Which Wii remotes that you guys own work well with EZ-builder?

I know that Wii remotes with the Wii Motion Plus built-in do not work natively in windows (without bluetooth stack modification) so those are out.

I've purchased a clone Wii Mote from Deal extreme a long time ago and it worked great, then I purchased one more recently that didn't. The first one (black) was more of an exact replica with the newer one looking much more generic (red) with no Nintendo branding.

User-inserted image

What Third party Wii Remote brands work well for you guys? Anyone have experience with the Rock Candy Brand?


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i have similar like the red one,but i cant get it connected..
Yeah it's weird that it shows up in windows and you can connect to it as a bluetooth device but it doesn't show up as a valid HID controller unfortunately.

Here are 2 more Wii Remotes that work with ARC.

Blue one is from "Afterglow" and the White one (with RGB LEDs) is from "Collective Minds":

User-inserted image
Even the venerable Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote works as well:D

For all those Whovians out there!

User-inserted image
Some newer wiimotes might be geared for the newer wii versions like wii U or the newer wii generation.
@Technopro Do you know if the Wii U or new generation Wiimotes can connect via Bluetooth natively in windows and show up as a game controller (input device)?

I don't have any to test unfortunately.


Even the venerable Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote works as well

Oh, I must get one of those for the Steampunk K9 I am building.

@ftlum should probably order one too.

Damn this hobby is getting expensive..... :)

No I don't sorry. I got away from Wii when I could. Good ol' Xbox fixed me right up!