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Super Jader Goes Bionic

super HDD bionic jader gets a new arm.


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Its just something i built from a bunch of brackets and servos, will do a showcase thread, just want to finish it first.
looking great.does he have his own controller or do you use an ezbv4?

here a pic if you use an ezb,its handy for data.

User-inserted image
Yeah EZB4 in his bacpac, 4-1 orientation sensor in his belt, Ultra Sonic Distance and Sound Sensor in his chest.;)

Will control him with my phone first.
ah nice job.you still need to callibrate ? and what do you use as batt?
Calibration was all done before assembly, using a 2200mah lipo.

Need to also find a 6v regulator for the neck servo, that's the only servo i haven't calibrated yet.
howmany volts are the servo's? and howmany volt is the batt?
Its a 6v servo, the lipo is 7.4v of course.;)

User-inserted image

Better pic, last one was horrible.
I wouldn't know, its only for his neck so i don't think it would get hot...but i haven't powered it on yet for i don't have the right regulator for it.

Being a neck servo, i wonder if i could get away with putting 7.4v through it..its only rated for 6v and its very cheap so im sure it would go pop just by being plugged in?
did you try to use 5 volt regulator from shop here?
i think that it will work.for your 6 volt servo's

i have to talk to you later.have to make myself reddy for chemo,
in a few houres.

I do but its for one of the sensors, but that sensor can wait so will try it.;)

Good luck for your chemo amigo.:)

here the solution for the robi eyes.read this topic.they work on 3 rgb ,
connectors and have thousand colors.you can use 3 rgb windows.
the adresses for each rgb connector are in the topic.

topic robi eyes

neon pixel bit
Thanks Nomad, just read that thread, very...very awesome.:P
starting to look good.:D
its the same technic like a light-organ-effect.
put a light between the speaker and sound-cable.. thats it.

but be carefull.. use a resistor.. so the LED is never to hot.

the eyes are selfmade :-)

I cannot talk about all my tricks, because I'm selling the robots and that's a hard job :-).

do you have a pic from led whit resistor?

ah i like the way you explained that, many thanks.:)

In regards to a resistor, doesn't the EZB4 have built in 3.3v resistors?

Smarty, your Kondo robot with the Robi head, his RGB eyes are really good, you have the colors working perfectly, thats what i would like to do with the small Robi i have here.

I 100% agree with you there, if your selling robots then i wouldn't give out any tricks of the trade either...sounds like a dream job.;):)

i got 6 colors but not all are very bright.

Thats awesome Nomad well done.

The colors are bright enough i think.;)

Cool figure in the background.:)