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Suggestion: Create A Custom Interface Builder

I know this is hard to implement but i think would be nice.
I played many videogames and i love their awesome interface. I'm building a fullscreen interface for my robot using the sdk and i'll have the video from the cam on the background and over that i'll put a layer of buttons.
So i have no problems but how about the non programmers? What if they could make a very nice interface by simply right click, add this put it there and save everything?


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That makes sense. Is there any other way I can use ARC on the iPad. I saw in the new version that you have the Finger Pad. It must have some use with touch screens or I don't you would have made it
It is for this...

Everything for Windows 8 will be touch screen. You can currently buy Windows 7 tablets that are cheaper than Android. And the best part about a Windows tablet? It's not useless like the rest of the tablets out there. It is literally a PC:)

Try turning on the web server on ARC and see if your iPad can connect. My Android tablet does, and the new touch object looks like it will work fine.

If not, look into whether their is a VNC client for iPad, or you can buy Splashtop Remote http://www.splashtop.com/remote

You want something that screen shares your active windows session, not an RDP client.

It does mean you still need a PC in the equation, but lets you use your iPad to do the driving. Splashtop is optimized to pass video too, so worth the few dollars it costs vs a VNC solution which is probably free.

Wow DJ that is a sick preview. I really like the 2d "touchpad" interface. And that record function WOW! I know what you are saying about mobile devices not having full PC bluetooth stack. I am definetly going to try to the remote desktop android client for my Nook Color. Even though it is silly to connect a PC netbook to the EZ-B, and then an android tablet to the netbook. When a sub 1 lb windows 8 tablet with arm processor, bluetooth, sd card slot and usb ports drops to $300 I am all over it.
How about a windows tablet with amd-c50, bluetooth, sd card slow, 4 usb, docking keyboard, 32 gb ssd, 2 gb ram, multi-touch capactive, 2 cameras, wifi, etc, etc for $350






:) I put Windows 8 on my W500... I love it! I love it! I gave my iPad away a few months ago. And I also gave away my Android tablet.

I won't go back to anything else
A windows tablet certainly solves some issues, but what I love about my Android tablet is that it gets 2 days of battery life, is instantly on (because it is really on all the time) Built in GPS (yeah, I could add that easily to a Windows tablet) and the cost of software is significantly better than the same quality PC software. Most of my apps were free. Those that weren't only cost a few dollars at most.

Most of all though, I got my tablet for free as a participant in a Verizon Wireless marketing group, so paying anything for a Windows tablet is more than I spent on my Android.

I certainly get your point though, and I would not expect you to try to develop for all the different platforms out there. Just do PC, and we as users, will figure out ways to have our various other OS's interface with your app.

I made one suggestion for the SDK and have a handful more that I have kept to myself for now that might make that work easier if you are interested, but I have kept them to myself because you are already delivering features faster than I could hope for and I don't want you to slow down to pay attention to my silly ideas.

When things slow down and you are looking for ways to expand the market I'll chime in (few thoughts - ability to, via a simple remote command, switch between ARC and an SDK application with the same EZ-B. Or publish the interface specification so that we can talk directly to the EZ-B without a Windows computer.... My dream is to have the robot primarily be autonomous, but when I need to be able to take manual control, to do it from my Android phone -- but there are options already, one of which I mentioned in an earlier post, but also things like game controller emulation).

Microcontrollers do not have the power of a computer. If I were to build the EZ-B with a micro and embedded pc, it would be large and cost $1,000, and require special battery pack, be in a box, etc. If you require a embedded PC, then use a mini-itx or embed a netbook in your robot.

For remote control, use remote desktop, vnc, or the built in web server.

If you require even more remote control, then code something in the SDK and against your android tablet.

If the EZ-B wasn't $94, I would be able to hire people to write software for other platforms:)
I think we just said the same thing;)

Yup:) Should have said I was clarifying lol. Sorry, it's a busy day. I switch between the forum, business, programming, and eating. It's lunch time!
Thanks for the advice @thetechguru. I already have Splashtop Remote so I will have a play with that aswell. And DJ, what is that window you used on about the 35th second where it replayed the movements that you created with the Finger Pad.
DJ your days must have like 28 hours. We need to make 3 clones of you.
Hahaha, I wonder what it would be like to hang out with myself.
@DJ Sures I just might have to get one of those Acer ICONIA W500 tablet PCs after Christmas!:D And did you say you put Windows 8 on yours? Is that the Windows 8 beta?
@JT Yah, windows 8 beta developers release. Works great! I turned off the stupid Windows 8 new start menu though. There is a registry change you can do and it makes it back to normal windows again.
DJ, I like your comments on the iPad etc... I was in Best Buy looking at one awhile ago and the salesguy wanted to know if I had any questions, I told him no and that this was just a big iPod Touch! He just looked at me and grinned! After several other times to stop and play I still think the same thing! All the tablets lack PC functionality... what you said! Looking forward to Windows 8 tablets... and checking out that Acer W500 in the meantime! Thanks for the insight!
Those Acers are pretty neat. But I would really like to see the ARM version of Windows 8 tablets, because they can be much smaller form factors and longer battery lifes. Although I know that unfortunately ARM version of windows 8 will not be compatible with any desktop software for x86/64 processors... Alternately Intel or AMD need to step up their ultra low power consumption processor game to make a bona fide windows 8 PC tablet that can fit inside of iPad/Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 type hardware.
I get 7-8 hours of constant use. Last week at a conference I ran the acer connected to my robot via Bluetooth and screen on controlling my robot for 7 hours.

If I just use it on and off, it lasts all day and evening
Well my laptop died so I can't wait for a Windows 8 tablet this fall... And I still need PC capability for Excel and for EZ-B so an iPad or Android tablet is out. Can't find an Acer locally to try it out first... so - does anyone have one and use Excel on it?
DJ you had a lot of experience with it, your input would be great! Anyone else's comments welcome also. Windows 7 tablets seem to be a big secret at my local stores!
Ok silly question

Will we be seeing a Windows RT version of the software by chance?
We had a meeting about a Windows RT version, but it doesn't make sense yet. The Windows 8 RT Tablet is the same price as a Windows 8 64 Bit Tablet...:)

The biggest problem we find with supporting the different tablets like RT, OS/X and Android are the interface limitations, processor, RAM and screen real estate.

We'll also wait a bit to see how the RT tablet does before we jump in. It can be done, but we have very limited resources. The ARC software is over 100,000 lines of code - it would not be an easy job to port to any other OS':)