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Maybe you already have this somewhere. But, I would like to see a Telepresence script in the Examples. This is a very useful type of Example. It seems that the EZB would do this very easily.

Just a Suggestion.

Also, BTW, GREAT UPDATE! as always.



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You can use the HTTP Server, or connect ARC remotely using Client/Server model to use as a telepresence robot. That's one of the great features of EZ-Robot, is the ability to build anything your imagination can dream up! Play with the software and expirement with scripts and ideas, i'm sure you'll create anything you dream up:D
@MovieMaker If you have a PC or laptop with screen mounted on your robot, then you could try a remote access program like Teamviewer or Logmein to connect remotely to it from a local PC and have ARC/SDK running in the background (using DJ's suggestion to control it) and then setup Skype or other video conference program running in the foreground, full screen, showing you from a cam on your local PC.
I actually run the robot from TEAMVIEWER. Thanks for the advice. My goal is to start it from TViewer and let it run by itself from there.
How did you link your on-board PC and EZ-B? TTL-USB or still with BT?