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Streaming Audio From Other Program Through Ez Builder

Hi all,

Has anyone been able to Stream audio triggered from other programs through EZ Builder over wifi to an EZB? I know the PC soundboard will play sound files located on your laptop. But what I want to do is play audio on an EZB that would normally play through my PC's speaker. For example maybe an internet radio show, a youtube video audio track, sound files triggered and used by another program on the laptop other then EZ Builder.

Thanks in advance. :)

Holy cow. Am I a dope. PTP, I never reconfigured the capture list to point to the new sound card. *blush* I'll go down to the lab and check that out now. Boy do I feel dumb. *eyeroll*

Aceboss, Thanks for that tip. I didn't even think about that. *tired* If pointing to the proper device in PTP's plug in doesn't work I'll just do that.
OK, After re-configuring the audio toolbox plug in to point to the new USB sound card all is well. It works as expected and without speakers plugged into the adapter I get no double talk. :)

Aceboss, I just may give your tip a try. Just a wire hanging off the side of the laptop seems much better then a dongle.

Thanks again for the help.
I assumed you still wanted the ability to have other PC sounds from the PC, which is why I suggested the USB card and discussed using Windows 10 mixer to select which apps use which device. If you want all sound to go to the EZ-B, then yeah, just plugging in a disconnwplug, either unwired or just cut off an old headset (careful not to short the wires) would work fine.

Thanks Alan and everyone else. You all have been great help. I would have been stuck in the mud without you all. :)


I solved the issue, compilation issue (Debug vs Release).

hello, I am having the same issue. I did the steps in the tutorial but I didn't find the plugin I made in the EZ-Builder add controls window. How did you solve it?
You’re missing a step in the very excellent tutorial: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/UserTutorials/146/1

One of the steps I assume you’re missing could be:
1) output of compile not being put in the plugin folder with folder name of your guid

2) plugin.xml not being copied to output folder

3) plugin.xml not containing the dll filename