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Store Credit

All of the EZ-Robot purchases made for my were by my GF who set up an account to order my Roli kit last Christmas. So, I've had no transactions with this account. I was on the shop page the other day and notice I have some store credit.:) I'm just wondering how and how long I have to use it?


Yes, looks like it is $3.00 per question solved...
do you also get crediys when bying parts ?
Hey guys! At this point we have implemented credit for answering questions on the forum. You guys nailed it - $3/ question. It's the least we can do for all the support you guys give to EZ-Robot community members.

There will also be a full write up on how and why EZ-Cred is earned. Again, work in progress:)
Now if only he could get those converted into BitCoins. He'd be on his way to virtually being a millionaire. Or, I guess I should say, a virtual millionaire.
@Alan... Holy crap, it's like you guys are given it away.... :) Nice.... and thanks...

United Kingdom
@Antron, store credit is just fine, in fact I'm very grateful for anything even though sometimes I don't feel worthy of such great appreciation (but then I never have nor ever will do what I do for the material rewards).

@Richard, I believe it's more than likely due to the community and community interaction being of great importance to EZ-Robot. A product without the same backing EZ-Robot offer is worth a lot less. I suspect that the community involvement so far has also taken off the load and allowed those at EZ-Robot to concentrate more on producing awesome software and hardware knowing that community is more than capable of helping out anyone who is stuck or needs advice, removing their need to monitor or even baby sit the forums. And now that people are aware that community involvement will have material reward hopefully more and more people will become more and more involved.

I can't wait to see what else is planned for the earning of EZ-Credit and how the community reacts to it:)
rich i totally agree

getting help and support is very importent .
i have a NAO too.if i got lucky to get one answer a week or 14 days i may be happy.
aldebaran ask 250 euro to use choreograph for one year.
i told them my dream whit nao is over.this what they dont tell you.
i found out weeks after bying the NAO.so 10 months left and then he goes back in the box.
all things off nao is very exspencive.
so am very happy finally found something as ez robotics.
its because off the help i get i went thru whit robotics,els i would stop whit robots.
The NAO makes you pay to use the software? You know if it were only a couple hundred dollars MAYBE, that wouldn't be so bad a deal but for thousands of dollars it should program itself to wipe my butt every time I go to the bathroom.
yep..i dont pay 250 euro for only to use there program.
750 euro for maintenance the robot.all for one year.
i would never bouth it if i knew this.
I understand why you want to box up your robot in 10 months.
That is an awesome robot but very high maintenace.
Our EZ Robot community and support is awesome.
Steve S
Wow that's a big chunk of change. Well, at least you don't have to feed and clothe it.;)
it was amazing that i got the nao,but now am really *mad*

Nao looks very disappointing and quite dull when I watch those videos:(
yes he missed a mouthled for sure,no smile.
Few years ago I had the opportunity to buy the NAO and I didn't. I've been regretting that decision from time to time but now that I see your post I am glad I didn't.

I am just getting started with ezrobot but I am very excited about it. I was studying a master degree in robotics in Prague two years ago, but since then my robotics career was paused. I think I found just the right place to continue on my robotics path
hi juansystem05

this post is from 2 years ago.dont regret it.nao has weak ankles and choulders.
cause of its hight.do its a great robot.there are similar like nao,much cheaper.
look for ubtech alpha2