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Stop The Corporate Media Takeover

Sorry to rant but I got to get this off my chest and I don't Facebook so, where we go.

My local cable company is experiencing issues, the networks are all raising their fees to be so high that only the major corporate broadcast companies can afford them. Therefore squeezing out all of the independent providers. We lost NBC a few months ago to a %400 price increase and poised to loose all Viacom networks. (I may be mistaken but I think Viacom is now part of NBC/Universal World Group. Oops correction, it appears Viacom owns NBC/Universal as of late 2012.) That of course is to set up a system where, though legally not a monopoly, they will have one hand that is always washing the other. Eg. Network A, (who no doubt has some money tied up into Broadcaster B), sells rights to Broadcaster B. So in essence they pay themselves to carry their own signal. This is a push by corporate media in an attempt to be in total control of broadcasting.

It appears they are trying to set the prices so high that the only players that will be left are, AT&T, Comcast, Time/Warner, Direct TV and the Dish Network.

And although history is filled with examples, stories, books and movies that illustrate the negative implications that this would have on society, they still insist on attempting this. Maybe those guys should take a brake from counting their money and watch a little of their programming to see just what happens when there are too few people involved in any large organization. Maybe a little Keanu a-la Johnny Nemonic would be a good starting look at a world with too few businesses.

In the end I guess it doesn't matter. They got their money either way so why should they care?

Sorry to rant but to be honest the reason I'm with my cable company is because 1: They offer the best internet in my area. Others have made the claim but no one has matched their level of service in my area. I get a much better signal and WAY better service from them as opposed to AT&T or Direct TV. (I've had TV through both and internet from AT&T. Very let down with both.) 2: Customer Service. At least in my area, if you have AT&T issues, you may as well get out your tool belt and start figuring it out yourself because it will be days before they get to you and you have to be there the whole day in order to not miss them and get put in the back of the queue. In fairness this was all over 5 years ago and I've refused to use AT&T anything as much as possible since so, maybe things are better. But, I doubt it.

It just sucks that I'm probably going to loose my reliable local company and end up with an (IMHO) inferior corporate provider for just as much if not more money. To my local I'm 1 in 500,000. To AT&T, Time and Comcast, I'd be 1 in 5,000,000. To my company I'm a valued customer and worth their time. To the big boys, I'm chump change and, in the past, have been tossed in a jar just like all of other chumps. Now that they have even more customers than they did then, I don't see that trend swinging toward my favor.

Once again, sorry to rant. -"Snatch your brain back zombies." -Jbone.


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Thanks for chiming in guys. We are considering just doing internet and saying screw it. I do use Hulu and Netflix quite a bit as it is already. I personally kind of like having the TV schedule. I can count on the family being all together when we all watch certain shows and it's just kind of nice and fun. On demand programming is awesome but, I have too much control. My GF and I have been wanting to watch House of Cards and we're only one episode in. The fact that it's there whenever, leads to us putting it off to do other things even though, every Thursday we say, "We ARE going to watch H O C this weekend." LOL
Can we get back on the forum topic now and build robots? There are other places on the internet to complain about stuff like this. I wouldn't be surprised if this thread was delated by the staff. I think if you read the forum rules they mention that you need to keep your threads on topic. This has nothing to do with EZ Robot or robotics.
You're right Dave, I'm sorry. I've made my peace and got some good advise from people I trust. We can let this die. Id take no offense if they did delete this thread.:)
Also integrated my ez-b v3 with my media pc, running xbmc, small script control the ir, capable of speech recognition and be use as a remote.
Well the way I see things, we are all waiting in a virtual waiting room, so we might as well discuss things, since I don't seem to have a V4 sitting on my door step yet. I don't think our discussions will be deleted, I think what we talk about on here isn't hurting a thing. If you don't like the subject, don't join the discussion. I am not being a meany or an ass, I am just saying. This is a very good forum, nothing wrong with being openminded and off the subject at times.
Dave is pissed like the rest of us are... However, I do agree with stonewolf... We all need to blow off some steam so I understand where Dave is coming from, though....
I'm not pissed and I still don't think this ez forum is the place to discuss cell phone bills. However if this is the way you guys want to use this forum provided by EZ Robot go right ahead. Stonwolf's right; I don't need to visit and take part in the discussion. I'll keep to myself. You guys turn this form into what ever you want. Enjoy. ;)
Sorry dude... didn't mean to speak for you... my apologies...
No worries my friend. We're all good here. You guys do what you feel best with the forum (and what EZ Robot will let you get away with). ;)

Like I said, I was just shearing my thoughts and feelings. It's an community we all need to coexist here. I'm not going anywhere but I will stop commenting on this topic as I've already spoken my mind.

Peace, Dave
I'm sorry Dave, I didn't intend for this to get so much attention. My only defense is that I did post it in General Discussions. I was a little miffed at the state of affairs and blew off some steam to my EZ Robot friends. I thought it might be something they could possibly relate to, in general. And I say friends whole heatedly. I'd do what ever I can to the best of my ability for everyone in this community and, I really do feel that most would do the same for me. Some have.

I'm mostly upset that you seem a little upset. You and I often share viewpoints and opinions and I really like you and take a general interest in what ever you have to say so, to know I've upset you kinda hurts. I'm sorry. If EZ-R Co. wants to just delete this out and we can just all move on and forget all about it, I'd be very happy with that. I don't want to damage any relationships with you or anyone else here.:(
United Kingdom
I have to say I agree with Dave to be honest. Personally I see this forum as a place strictly for discussing EZ-Robots and the EZ-B rather than for social interaction etc. (that's what email is for IMO).

I just don't want the forums to become more about social discussions than EZ-Robots.

That's not to say I'm upset this topic exists or that you shouldn't have posted it, I just don't think it belongs here, one man's opinion. As far as I'm concerned the forum is for showcasing projects, asking/offering advice and tutorials for robot stuff and asking questions. Email, facebook, twitter, blogs etc. are for the rest. I often have various general discussions with community members via email, things that don't belong here.

IF general, off topic chat is going to begin to be permitted here I would like to suggest to EZ-Robot that those topics are not included in the latest topic on the right hand side of the main community forum page though, that way only the important stuff like questions or showcased robots/products can be in the spotlight without general jibber jabber getting in the way.
I can see good arguments for both view points, strictly robotics and General " off topic" posts. I have been guilty a number of times for posting off topic threads most recently " New Zealand" and felt a twinge of " inappropriateness ......To preserve the purity of Robot posts yet be able to reach out to Community members for interesting off topics I would like to see the Web person Chrissy? create a new tab for any off topic threads, as Rich had mentioned above in his last paragraph. According to Community people (Rich), before my time , there was a " chat" tab! Perhaps that could be reintroduced:) A chat tab would be the best place to "blow off steam or just say hey if your passing by my neck of the woods , stop by and have a beer and not talk robots:)
Holy cats Antron007 *eek* I never intended to sound upset. That's the problem with typed words, I gotta be real careful how I put things. I'm not upset at all. Lord knows I've been known to stray off topic at times so I have no right throwing stones. However I do feel like Rich put it. He was able to put my feelings words more elegantly then I could have ever been able to.
This Forum IMO has the best decorum of any others that I have been on.! Considering the angst that this Community has been enduring its freaking amazing how civil and mature members are:D That's a tribute to our robot building passion:)
@Rich "I just don't want the forums to become more about social discussions than EZ-Robots." - You're right man. I'm sorry. I failed to consider that this community has been growing, and more rapidly as of late. As numbers grow this sort of thing could become problematic and the valuable and relevant site could run the risk of becoming diluted.

@Dave - No worries. I'm cool if you're cool then we're cool:)

@Rest- At least you've managed to come up with some ideas for the site and we got a little info on PJ's media setup. (Nice PJ.) Maybe not a complete waste of time but this sort of thing won't happen again from me. Thanks for being forgiving and understanding.
I apologise, I didn't go into details about my project because it is not 100% ez-b power. It is a speech system to control the media pc ir remote. The ir module is connected to an arduino. It have a very simple c language loop that control the ir. It receive command via the ez-b ttl serial port. Ez-b is connected via bluetooth, control by the Denise speech recognition software ( I purchase from here https://guile3d.com/en/). Media pc is connected to the TV in front of the room, and , arduino, ez-b, ir sensor are in the back of the room. I am currently posting from my phone again I apologise, will be back home in 2 weeks. If interested will share pictures and videos. I never share it since I did not use ARC, instead I used the sdk and c++, it push command to arduino. I was waiting for the v4 to switch everything over and built my own personal A.I system base on a mobile robot structure. Something very similar to Lexi ( awesome project by XL-robot).