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Still Trying To Save

Im still trying to save up to get my kit hoping to place my order in a week when i get paid if i get paid that is lol I have been collecting alot of old "junk" and have a mager pile of scrapped parts on my work bench oops i mean the floor will get a bench some time in the next few years I have been spending ALOT of time online relearning electronics and finding that i have forgotten way to much and now with all the new "toys" out there i have to learn way more than i thought plus i need to forget a few things i once knew as its out dated but im getting alot of graet ideas for new ways to work with old "junk" like using an old wireless usb key bored on the bot to send data "info" back to whatever program i need it to go to and yes i will post photos of it when i get something setup and maybe working lol


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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Well, they drastically dropped the price in February so maybe it is closer than you think...


Is that a temperary drop as i beleaved it to be or will it be going back up soon

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It's permanent as far as I know.


Cool:D may need to add to my order then:D


ok i just placed my order :D :D :D and its the most ive ever spent online lol but i dont think it will be the first time