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United Kingdom

44xx orders are quite a way in to the back log, considering the 2 says the order was placed in February and the first pre-orders were placed in September (and are 35xx?) there are a fair amount ahead of yours unfortunately.

It also depends on what was in the order. The developer kits have been being dispatched for a few days now at least. The Six robots are first to be dispatched followed by JD and lastly Roli. I believe the Six robots have now started shipping or will be shipping this week on a first come first served basis.

You will receive an update on your order when it is shipped. We are all in the same boat, patiently waiting.


@ mtiberia I'm thinking that you are a long way out from receiving your order my order number is 12-4175 and I have yet to receive my order as well. And All I ordered was the EZB 4 Board.


11-3794 Still waiting as well... Just a EZB 4 board too


Did you receive anything Droid works Robotics?


So, my board was delivered but since I wasn't home Friday I'll have to pick it up via DHL Express. I am concerned about an additional cost attached for shipping/duties? I already paid for shipping with the order, approx.$46 CAD and now there's an additional $37 (approx) added. What is that? I don't believe there should be any tax or duties ordering Canadian products in Canada... I still need to clarify the added cost with DHL. Becoming a very expensive board, almost double the posted price...


EZ Robot has no control over laws, fees and taxes in your country. It's your responsibility to be aware of things like this before you spend your money or take action on things you do. Sounds like you need to take up this issue with your Government or the shipping company. eyeroll


As I stated, I need to clarify the extra charges from DHL as to what they are for. I live in Canada, EZ Robot is a Canadian company. therefore there should not be any import duties and taxes. I would expect that extra charges in my initial order were to cover all shipping and handling. Once I clarify exactly what the charges are for I will then pursue any additional actions if necessary (or not). My point is that everything else I have ordered from within Canada that has shipping added in the order has not required additional payments on delivery. If the original order (including shipping) had suddenly doubled the price, particularly when ordering a small circuit board, I would think twice about the value...


Has anyone from the US had to pay any extra charges for their deliveries?


No. We don't get charged when having items delivered from China. This is where these items are being shipped from, which has been well documented. I don't know Canada's shipping or duty laws as I don't live there. We don't pay these fees in America for shipped items.


I am fully aware of the boards being made in China as sadly, most of our 'Canadian' product is, due to labour costs being what they are. I am also fully in support of REALLY high import taxes on imported product to level the playing field. If this is the case, then I'd be curious as to how much more a board would cost manufactured here in Canada. I'd easily pay double for it to be made here and support Canadian manufacturing. If keeping the advertised price low and transferring the shipping, import taxes, etc. to the customer is the case though, that's another story. Again, i need to clarify the added charges before jumping to any conclusions... If any other Canadian customers have any feedback, I'd be curious to hear.


@gboyden.... Us Canadians will probably have to pay HST (in Ontario) or GST depending on where you live...? I don't remember paying any tax when I bought mine.... Maybe like you I will get nailed with fees (tax) when my boards arrive too?


DJ@ Discussed the super high cost of having the boards made in Canada or the USA. It was well more then double the cost and many companies he solicited asking for a quote wouldn't even answer his inquiries. When a government messes around and starts charging extra fees and taxes trying to "level the playing field" who really feels the pinch? In this case it looks like it's the common Canadian people. Seems like a viscous circle. Sorry your at the short end of the stick this time.


I got my order today and was hit with $88 Tax and duties.... I do understand the taxes.... Unfortunately on the downside my order was missing some items.... I have contacted EZ Robot in regards to the missing items....

On the bright side, I can confirm Revolution is shipping....:)


Ouch! That extra tax and duty has gotta hurt a little. sick

Although it's not ez robot's responsibility, perhaps they should consider ading a reminder or warning to the checkout process stating that charges like this could be assessed by the government of the final delivery point.


Hey Richard R. I was missing my second ezb4 camera from my order. I contacted via there Contact Us page and haven't heard anything , have you?


My 2 cameras were missing.... I just emailed Aislinn an hour ago....


oh great, another shipping issue

just kidding, but i hope this isnt a constant issue or this may not turn out well if people dont realize they can contact EZ-robot to get their missing parts


@Dave.... Us Canadians have always been envious of how cheap things are in the US.... Canadians seem to have become complacent in the higher prices we pay for the same things you guys (US) pay less for....


Im sure I pay much more in heathcare to make up the difference.


@ Richard $88!? Ouch. I bet that's a charge most Canadians did not expect t to pay when ordering a product from Canada.



all of the boards are constructed and shipped from china

United Kingdom

Try living in the UK. It seems prices from US $ to GBP don't change yet the exchange rate for the currency isn't 1:1. For instance, if something costs $100 it's UK price is £100 which basically works out at around $150ish (give or take, I'm not sure on the exchange rate right now).

I can't say I am looking forward to my import duty and taxes on my orders but I always assume there will be something (plus the extortionate fee from DHL/UPS/Royal Mail etc.). It was £22 on my first V4 & camera which wasn't too bad.

It always reminds me of the BlinkM ThingM sent me to play around with, I could have got it cheaper over here than the import duty and taxes were. It always pays to check out what the tax and duty will be (plus any handling fee, I know royal mail charge £8 just to pay the duty and tax on your behalf which is a bit on the high side)



Yeah, we know that now, but not when orders were placed. No one knew until fairly recently things were going to be drop shipped from China.


@Richard, I haven't had chance to pick up my order yet... Did you pay any importing? I understand the taxes side, as you pointed out, there was none applied at purchase. But should it not be the same as walking into the store front and purchasing directly. I'm sure there are no duties paid then... By the way are you located in Ontario?


@gboyden... I paid $72.15 HST, $10 processing fees and $4.25 Delivery fees... Yes, I live in Ontario....


I guess I'm glad that things are finally shipping.

I don't understand the shipping duties, as we order often from Canadian companies (e.g. Apple Canada) who then drop-ship from China into Canada. Being in Canada, we've never paid duties in such cases; although I expect it when ordering from companies in other countries like the U.S. or U.K.. There should be a way for EZ Robot to deal with Canada Customs and get an exemption or permit for drop shipping to customers into its own country. Other companies do. It's just one more example of EZ Robot's growing pains and lack of experience in moving from a small supplier of locally manufactured hobbyist boards into the world of consumer robots.

What has been really disappointing, through this entire ordeal, is the repeated broken promises by D.J. and the EZ Robot team and then having to explain this to my 13 year old son.

He had ordered a Roli using his birthday money - back in mid-October 2013 (order no. 10-3715). The October 18, 2013 email we got back said that his order "[u]will[/] ship between November 1st and December 1st". He's gone through the various explanations, videos and shipping date revisions. He even got the special personalized "Christmas" video which suggested that Santa would soon bring him his robot after the Christmas break. Then there was the Chinese New Year's delay. Then it was to be end of March. Then maybe he thought he'd get it and play with it over his summer holidays. Most of us are adults and can understand some delays. But for a young boy, it's crushed his spirit.

His next (14th) birthday is coming up and still no Roli. Yes, I'll go and explain to him that Roli is shipping last because of the extra time it takes to put the components together. And yes, he knows he can get his money back - but he wants a Roli and he wants to start learning about robotics; not get more videos.

@DJ-Sures has been successful in turning off a young boy’s interest in robotics. What was once anticipation, wonder and excitement in my son has slowly been withered away to become disappointment, apathy and sadness.

If someone has any suggestions on how now to tell him he will have to save up another $80 or so, just to pay import/shipping taxes on a product ordered from a company in the same country as us (heck, even the same Province), I'd appreciate it.

 - Sander

I am going to chime in here.

I dont pay these duties, and I appreciate the frustration that is experienced by Canadians paying extra for taxes when buying from a Canadian company. I get that. I also understand that your son is disappointed with buying an item from a startup company that is going through some growing pains. Many startup companies never get to ship their product because they cant handle the types of difficulties that EZ-Robot has had to handle. Most of these difficulties are completely out of their control. By the way, many technologies have been delayed over the years by much larger companies like Apple, IBM, Motorola, Microsoft and many more. This is the fact of trying to deliver technologies, especially those that many people want badly.

I understand your frustration, but bashing DJ-Sures isn't going to help your son or get the product in his hands any faster. What DJ-Sures has infact done is to provide a method of your son learning about robotics in a way that is enjoyable and far easier to learn than anything else out there. It is taking longer for the parts to arrive than you or anyone else would like, sure. I am sure that DJ wants this stuff shipped worse than anyone at this point, including your son. They have made every effort to be transparent and provide timelines as well as they could at the time. Have you ever promised that you would do something and then something happens that prevents you from meeting your promise? sure you have. It has happened to everyone and nobody felt worse about it than you did. Now, have you ever promised your son that you would go somewhere and then you had to work and couldnt go? I have and it isnt any fun. I have had to cancel a family vacation in the past because of work demands. It isnt any fun. I fully believe that DJ probably feels bad about making promises and then things not panning out because of one thing or another.

This happens to many large companies also. My company had purchased a 2 million dollar SAN just before the flooding in Indonesia happened. This flooding took the worlds hard drive supply to nothing, making the promise of brighter days for my company dwindle into nothing for about 9 months. There was nothing that we could do other than suffer through horrible performance for 12 more months and listening to the employees complain about poor database performance. We couldn't go with another vendor or anything. I didn't like my job much at that point, but stuck it out promising people that when we could get the SAN we would.

I can assure you that the product that has been developed is amazing and is well worth the wait. The EZ-B V4 that I have is truly impressive. We have bought a Roli, Six and JD for a program at school. Two of the boys who will be attending this program have a father who has stage 4 cancer right now. This program will do a lot to get their minds off of the difficulty of watching their father be sick. I want nothing more than to get my hands on this shipment and get these robots into the hands of these boys. Believe me, I understand your frustration. I also understand that what DJ has done is truly impressive in the world of robotics, especially for children. Making technology easy to use is not easy. Going through the growing pains that EZ-Robot is going through is not easy. Having to pay a tax when buying a product from a company in your own country is a valid concern and is not easy. I would see if there is something that I could do about it if I were Canadian. I am not so there is noting I can do about that, but if I were, I would be trying.

I hope your son gets his Roli soon. I hope that he finds comfort in knowing that they are shipping. I hope you get some resolution to the tax situation. I also hope that you will understand that DJ and team are working their tails off to get these orders out, and some things happen that are beyond their control.


@Sander, i'm sorry you feel frustrated. However, we are shipping product already and have started earlier this month (August). We were unable to ship the product any earlier because it was not completed. Your son would not have been very happy with a product that didn't work and that surely would have turned him off robotics.

As for import duties, they are specific per country. Apple and other multi-billion dollar companies import inventory into each country and embed the duty charges into the product cost. We could raise the price of our product to include the duty charges, but then we would also need to raise the price for inventory per country. We sell to 138 countries, and that would cost us tens of millions of dollars to stock inventory per country.

I appreciate your comparison of EZ-Robot to Apple... That's very flattering. Although our product is pretty amazing, we are not a billion dollar company.

When purchasing product from EZ-Robot, you must agree to the Shipping Terms. Here is a screenshot of the checkbox you agreed too...

User-inserted image



I guess there was a bit of DJ bashing, but that is to be expected when one makes promises and then breaks them. I receive the same bashing when I promise something and don't deliver. I take that criticism, feel bad about it and work to resolve it. It also wasn't done to try to hurry things up. I mentioned it because that is what I've seen happen with my son - he used to be very excited about robots. All that is left now is a small flicker of that original excitement.

Seeing as how things are shipping (although not Roli yet), I see that D.J. and his team are indeed working on it. We're keeping our order and my son still asks if it has shipped. I'll continue to tell him "not yet, but soon".

The main point I was trying to make is that I now also have to explain to him why he has to pay another $80 or so in custom taxes. My son saved up over $400. This is a very substantial amount to him. A further $80 customs charge is not small for him either.

Also please realize that he received emails from EZ-Robot in September 5, 2013 that mentioned a "Christmas 2013 presale availability", that there then was a clear promise of a shipment date window (due to pre-order status). Both online and in the October 18, 2013 confirmation email we got from EZ Robot which said that: "Due to high demand, some items in your cart are in pre-order status. [b]Your order will ship between November 1st and December 1st. [b]".

At no time when we placed the order did it say that our order would ship as soon as possible, or as soon as foreign Chinese manufacturing facilities were properly located, or as soon as plastic mold designs were finalized, or as soon as sufficient electronic components are sourced, or as soon as we can arrange for assembly and drop shipping from China. This has all come up once it was apparent that shipping wouldn't happen by the end of 2013.

So, although he now realizes what a "start-up" company is and that promises may be broken, my son did not know this back in 2013. This also was not a Kickstarter campaign, but a company that looked very professional and is actually fairly local to us.

I've been trying to use this delay as a learning tool for him, to teach him to have patience and to understand that unexpected things happen. But it's hard to have a 13 year old's savings spent and not have the robot in his hands.


Again, I appreciate the frustration. I do.

I also understand that a 13 year old has expectations. I have raised 5 of them. Each is very different from the other.

Please rest assured that the product is everything that it has been promoted to be. I have not stopped playing with the V4 I got for about a week. I have no doubt that you are a good parent and are just voicing your frustration. I do that from time to time myself.

I am fully confident that your son will get very excited when his roli arrives and he can use it, unless he decides to cancel his order. The issue that you face is that there is nothing else out there that comes close to what EZ-Robot is, so cancelling the order doesn't get him any closer to the goal of having an awesome robot. Learning patience is a very difficult thing for everyone. Learning at 13 will probably benefit your son more than you or he knows right now. It is directly opposed to everything else we learn in our society.


We most definitely wanted the product to ship before Christmas - as per the project schedule. However, the complications we faced in manufacturing the product lead to delays. We were unable to ship the product at Christmas because it would not have worked. I do not believe your son would have been happy with a non-working robot product.

There are thousands and thousands of orders - and only less than 10 frustrated customers. We apologize for the delay in videos, emails and publically on the forum. We are transparent to the reasons of the delay as well. I'm unsure what else I can say in response to your messages. The product is shipping and you will receive it soon as your order is shipped. We are shipping as fast as we can.

If my response is not satisfactory, please help me understand further?

As for duty or taxes, that is country specific. If you are GST/HST exempt, you must be aware on how to declare GST/HST taxed items. If you are not GST/HST except, then you must be familiar with taxes. If you have any questions about taxes, we can send links to websites with information specific to your country.


I'll throw in my 2 cents on the duties/ taxes since it seems to be a bit of a hot topic.

During the checkout process everyone is required to agree to terms and conditions. The second point on these is regarding shipping. It states "EZ-Robot is not responsible for duty and import taxes from international shipping. The EZ-Robot Package originates from our warehouse in Zhongshan, China." This has been there since day 1 and every single person that placed an order agreed to it. Since there still seem to be so many questions about this we'll look at putting it in a more visible space during the checkout process.

Canadians pay 5% GST and a variable rate on PST/HST/QST etc. On a $200 order, taxes alone could be close to $30 and duty could be added on top of that. The HST Richard was charged would be added on at any store and even if we were shipping internally within Canada, we would legally have to charge it. Upon charging it, we would have to hold the funds in a bank account and do remissions with the govt. at the end of the year. We would have to do the same for every single country, state, and province that we ship to accross the globe. Being a start-up, filling tax remissions to 142 countries would be a nightmare.

Since we ship to so many different countries we had 2 options.

  1. Set up warehousing in different countries around the globe and pay for importation duties ourselves. This would require shipping from China to a warehouse and then from the warehouse to your homes.
  2. Drop ship directly from China and have the customer pay importation duty and taxes.

I spent weeks doing cost analysis on these options, researching fulfillment centres and warehousing options in USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, UK and Africa. When it finally came down to it, the second option was actually the least expensive and fastest for our users/ customers. If we set up warehousing and had to pay for multiple shipping points as well as duty, we would have to raise our prices to cover that as well. Either way, the costs are there and unfortunately there are no ways around it.

I personally do almost all of my shopping online. I buy towels, silverware, clothing, coffee makers etc. When ordering I always look to see where it is shipping from and where the product is manufactured to understand what taxes I'll be paying when the product arrives at my door. As more and more shopping happens online, the governments are cracking down to ensure that they are getting their cut. It used to be as easy as marking a package as a gift to not be dinged with duty, but that doesn't always work anymore. Even if a product is being shipped from USA to Canada, doesn't mean that the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) comes into effect. The only time that matters is if the product was manufactured in North America.

I guess the take-away from all of this is that we did our best to keep costs down, shipping times fast and choose a solution we can build off of over time. As we continue to grow we'll be doing everything we can to keep the taxes, duties and shipping costs to a minimum while still maintaining a competetive price on ezrobot products.


Thanks @d.cochran and @DJ-Sures.

I appreciate the prompt replies as well as the prompt replies from the EZ Robot team whenever I've sent email.

I've said my bit about the frustration that we've felt and the surprise about the unexpected customs duties. I'm not sure if the Zhonshan, China warehouse was mentioned in the shipping terms back when we ordered back in 2013, but I would agree to such duties if I ordered now. Still seems odd that a Canadian customer has to pay duty when buying from a Canadian store.

I'm very glad to see that things are indeed shipping and am prepared to pay the customs duty when Roli arrives.


To be honest... I paid $88 tax and duties on my order... $14 of which was duties and collection fees the rest was HST.... Really, not much to whine about.... I am happy...


The import duty disclaimer was there when I ordered in November. I recall looking up some of the regs for import into the US before I completed my order.



I received my order last week. It was shipped from China in three days. It's and awesome board, I didn't think the wifi would make any difference from B luetooth, but it's cool how it connects instantly. Thanks EZ robot


Great to hear @purple - thanks!