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Still Confused About Ez-Bits And Bi-Pedal Robot Jd


So I have been taking a look at JD the Example Project from ARC Revolution and I am still confused about some things. First I would really love to see a video of JD the robot moving. I think that would help clear up some of my confusion. A video tutorial about building JD would be great too. I am sure that is all to come.

First is in the Example Project there is no Movement Panel to make the bi-pedal robot walk forward, why is this? Was it not programmed to walk around in the example?

Second is I dont understand how the servos are mounted and move around in the servo Brackets. Where does the round rotating shaft stick out from? I don't understand JD's arms, what are the servos at the end of the arm supposed to do? Are you supposed to add something to his arms to complete the robot?

Third is that since it uses heavy duty servos, does JD's body have room for an alternative power supply?

Fourth, what are the EZ-bits? What are the standards dimensions for these? I am still confused on how this is supposed to work....

Again I would love to see a video tutorials on EZ-Bits and on JD the robot! Thanks for the great update so far DJ! I can't wait to make JD and other robots.


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Video tutorials are on the way in the next few days/week.

Standard dimensions and template STL files are downloadable from in ARC (however the link currently doesn't do anything). This will all come shortly I imagine.

What you need to bear in mind is that the release of revolution is in stages. The software first, then the tutorial videos, more files, updates to the cloud, more EZ-Bits, community printing, EZ-Robot printing etc. It's a rolling process to get to a finished product.
Yes I believe Rich is correct. They wanted to get us the software first. It's crack cocaine all over again, they get us hooked on free software then sell us parts once they have us hooked. LOL JK, I think they just wanted to give us the opportunity to get familiar with the new update so when more parts come out it will be easier to use. I spent hours playing with the JD files and started learning 3dSketchup yesterday. I'm really enjoying the directions Revolution is pulling me in/ pushing me towards. If I had too many examples right off the bat, I probably wouldn't sleep for a week.;) Thanks again EZ Crew, my experience with you so far has been quite educational and tons of fun !
I completely agree with there strategy for a rolling process, in the end the product will be better within a similar amount of time because previous components are being user tested while they continue to work and they also have time to course correct if they notice something is broken.
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I have to correct myself, I mentioned an end product - I don't actually envisage an end product as ARC is an evolving product and will continue to evolve over time as and when new hardware is release, new components, etc.

But the rest, something comes then a little later the tutorials come, in the mean time we play and the community attempts to help each other figure things out:)