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Steampunk R2d2

I saw this today and thought I'd share.

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I have seen this before. One of my favorite bots ever, and the inspiration for me to do a Steampunk K-9 (although I doubt it will be anywhere near as nice as this. I don't have that kind of skill or visual imagination).

Sure you can. You could even try industrial punk.
Thanks for sharing Troy! One of my FB friends sent the pic to my wall knowing I was building a Steampunk Robot Torso( F.R.E.D )
@thetechguru pencil and paper to draw something( or search the net for inspirations) find some scrap copper, brass, hoses, leather, rivots etc.....Of course with all the added weight, standard servos may not be enough!
I know I won't be using standard servos. In fact, it is going to be driven with wheelchair motors. Heavy duty servo for head movement.

I expect it will look good, and my wife is a great artist, so if I can convince her to help, it will look great (but she doesn't have much patience for this hobby, so we'll see).

I just don't expect to look as good as this R2 unit, which is simply amazing.

Too cool. You always come up with the neatest stuff Troy.;)
The main reason I put these up is to spark creativity. Someone might see it and think that a particular part or material used is creative and want to try it out for themself.
I enjoy seeing the things you dig up. I always check your updates on the "Sensors I Found" thread. Keep em' coming Troy.:)