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Resolved Resolved by robo rad!

Starting Page For Robot Showcase Threads

Hey guys, I just realized how many robotic projects are deviating a lot from the original concept! Including my own, and eg the Terminator build...
It would be nice to have something like a frontpage, where we could modify the display picture...I guess the title should always stay the same, to prevent confusion?

I guess we could also just change the very first post to achive the same thing, so this is just something that crossed my mind, and I wanted to share!!

What do you guys think?

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I noticed that the title of my Terminator thread changed last week .Instead of wheel chair it changed to wheeler chair but everything else stayed same.Weird unless the Cern reactor fired up again changing small things in time LoL!
I also really like the AI Support Bots advice to change JD's batterys!!!:D
Synthiam wants me to comment something to close this thread...
So credits go to @roborad ... although I must admit that the AISupportBot threw in some legit points!!
....just saw this...i think quite a while ago DJ had mentioned that we would eventually be able to choose our main pictures like you can in Youtube.
I just saw this now, Thanks for the credit, I will return the favor next time I run into a problem,Cheers Bro!