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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

Standard Servo In Shop Dimensions

Need measurements on the standard servo in the shop.(not the heavy duty or micro)


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measserments off the mini servo would be also good to know in chop0
There is one at servo City that looks very close to the one here in the Store. If you need the Dimensions and don't want to wait another month for a servo why not bop over there and get that one? The price is close to the same and it will ship tomorrow.

How much is shipping to Canada?
All shipping quotes are real-time USPS or UPS rates, the shipping cost depends on the shipping method selected and current shipping rates.

The Dimensions are also listed right there on the info page:

Futaba S148 servo
The ones that came with the EZV3 kit are futaba standard servos. Find those dimensions and you'll have what you need.
Thanks guys. Placed my order. Will see them in a month.
dschulpius posted first so I'll give it to him, because he had the info first.
My bad Dave, I must have missed the link. Sorry:(