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Stability Of The Servo And The Body Of Jd

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JD gave me too few possibilities of movement. So I would extend it by some servos. I am afraid of the stability of the servo and the body. Do the rotation nerves in the hip stand with the weight? Can the brackets of the servos in the body break out? Can the servos in the shoulder carry the weight of a servo more? I am so careful, since it is difficult in Germany to get replacement servos. Or are the servos quickly overloaded with the additional weight?

I find the forum very confusing. About the search function I can find nothing.

Many thanks for your help


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The more weight you add, the bigger the chance of burning out your servos. Rotation servos can be easily overpowered by weight I find, so use caution.

The pieces are just plastic, so they can be broken more easily than say metal brackets. The body from what I see is fairly rigid, so it might be less of a worry. Overloading is a big problem though.

As for stabilization, I know there was a discussion about adding those hips to the legs, and I believe it reduced the stability.(Higher Centre of Gravity) Not 100% though.


Thanks for the technical link and the helpful answers. The technical explanations are well done and very understandable for beginners. thank you

I will be best to simply wait for my order of ez and then continue to see. I must have been patient.



Waiting is the hardest part:D