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Sssssshhhhhh :)

Happy Valentines Day fellow ez-rrrrrrrrrrrobot lovers:)

Don't tell anyone yet... We haven't made a proper press release. But that video we just filmed 30 minutes ago. Give us another week or two for our first completed beta trial for you


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NICE!! It just keeps getting better!
Thanks:) DJ and crew
I would buy a iPod if I could run my whole bot off of it. :)
Excited about this, but moreso because it means Android might not be far behind (I have several Android devices. Only i-devices are a classic and a nano.

I have Talk to it Assistant on my phone. I can see getting closer to a robot that can listen and understand commands and carry on a conversation or ask for institutions. All cool stuff!:)
Thanks everyone! We're pretty excited. The Android comes right after the first release of the iPhone.
@hoolagen1 boooo? I thought you'd be happy!
lol....just beeing a pain!

thanks Sures!
@hoolagen1 That'a boy:)