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Speeck Recognition

Hi i want buy a complete kit for make one robot. I have one simply question: For make a speeck recoglition without pc i require an external microphone? And can add this microphone one EZ board? Where i can buy? microphone, speackers and ecc... for make a autonomus robot?


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Yes you can simply buy a wireless mike and reciever is plugged into your computer. Ebay is a great place to find a wireless mic and wireless speaker. You could even get a fm modulator and plug it into your pc and buy a fm radio and install it on your robot. We look forward to seeing your project. - Josh S.
Hi jstarne1, thanks for your support, but i no want have robot connected my pc, but really autonomus robot. I can? For a example Sony Aibo (I Have) and Interactive R2-D2 (I have) work without PC. With EZ Robot i can this? Give commands without using the pc?
Escuse for my stupid question, but this are my first experience in build robot *blush*
Dovermann, there are no stupid questions:)

The EZ-B requires a computer because it uses the computer processor. The EZ-B is an extension of your computer. For example, even the Sony Aibo has a computer built-in. The R2D2 does not because it uses a very simple speech recognition chip that barely works:)

All robots in the world that have advanced vision processing and speech recognition are using a PC. Even the NAO robot uses a FIT-PC (http://www.fit-pc.com)

Hi DJ Sures, thanks for informations, mhmmm... i can a fit-PC2i notes and put in my robot... :D
But this now are advanced for me. In few days I buy your The Complete Robot Kit and start my adventure in build/custom robot world. Thanks for give me a dream. *blush*
Good Luck to You, Dobermann!

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Hi, Is there any audio card compatible with EZ-B Controller? I want to avoid multiple channels and make use of the existing capability of EZ-B's bluetooth for transmitting/receiving audio :D
EZ-B works with you computer. If your audio card is working with your computer then it will play when the EZ-B software asks it to.
Hi dschulpius, I'm referring to having a audio-card that can be hooked up into the EZ-B Controller in the Robot so that I can hook up a microphone and speaker to this card.