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Speech Syntheses

Question answered -- I figured it out -- solved --

answer - use SpeakStop()  in a script, to stop Speech Syntheses --

Original question --

for others who may want to use this:
Speech Syntheses

I did review this, can’t find an answers on the site.

Does anyone know a script to stop speech syntheses from continuing to read to the end of a paragraph of text I put in there?

I use a script to hear it out of my pc - ControlCommand("Speech Synthesis", "SayPC")

But can’t stop it, where I want to stop it in a paragraph.

I try did scripts with:
ControlCommand("Speech Synthesis", "SayPC", stop)

Still plays to the end, any suggestions anyone?

Thanks in advance

## found an answer to stop Speech Syntheses, SpeakStop()  in a separate script.

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#1   — Edited
question answered, thanks

I have an old program ReadPlease, reads anything I paste into it.

so I made a program like this

When I don’t feel like reading a long dialog, I use my program I made, it reads it to me  :-)

User-inserted image
That's a good idea:) A little reader for ya

There's also a STOP SPEAKING button in the Options

User-inserted image
#3   — Edited
Thanks DJ,
I did not know that was there,

lol, have to learn ARC better  :-)