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Speech Settings

Quick question guys.

What voice synthesis voices are compatable with the speech settings control, where ALL of the settings within Gender, Age and Emphisis can be utilised?

I'm using Windows 7 and the pre installed Anna voice, and Cepstral voice I use for K-9, but doesn't change when these settings are adjusted, (with the exception of Male and Female settings in Gender).

Thanks. :)


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Thanks Anthony. What I was really asking is what voices are available that I can use the settings I mention with. I'm aware that some voices will work with the control in general, but on some of them, changing gender, age or emphasis has no effect and the voice sounds the same.

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@Anthony, do you really think you have all voices that can install in windows? I can guarantee that you don't... There are millions, thousands of them are custom made for one company or person and are only held by the company that created the voice and the company or person who bought the voice.

There are some issues with some voices, Cepstral voices may be amongst them. It has been documented previously a few times that some voices need some trial and error to get them to work with the settings and others simply do not work at all.

Some voices do not have different genders, ages etc. and therefore changing those settings can either make no difference or it can make windows revert back to Anna.

To answer your initial question, I have yet to find any voice which ALL settings work. The voice I use for Jarvis has only one variant, changing settings doesn't do anything. Microsoft pre-installed voices do not use the age or gender settings. There may be some specialist voices out there where all of the settings do work however, generally they don't. I guess it's easier to use multiple voices should you want multiple voices than bundling all voices in to one voice (if that makes sense).

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Thanks Rich.

Yes that does make sense. About Cepstral, only the speed of the voice changes, and male or female (female uses Anna and male goes back to Cepstral). I was just wondering what the setting sounded like when changed. For example I'm guessing changing gender to child would change the pitch. Of course I'm only guessing here.


@Steve G, Here is a thread that I started a long time ago that may have some useful info for you about voices and their settings. Make sure to read through the entire thread. I had to configure my Cepstral Lawrence voice as a male, child, just to make it work at all. With this setting it sounds as an adult male


and another link by @Antron007 is here. See post 9. synthiam.com/Community/Questions/3771

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That's funny. Your thread was the one I got the information from to set up the robotic effect for K-9's Cepstral voice a few months back. :)

I'm looking for a new voice for my new bot build ,and it got me thinking what changing the settings would sound like (providing I have a voice that uses these settings it turns out). Just Curiosity more than anything. Thanks for the links though. ;)

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What on Earth do you use the Chinese, Indian, Polish etc. voices for?..