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Speech Reconition

Hi i havent built my robot yet but i am playing around with the parts and ARC. When i tried to set up voice reconition so that you say something and the robot does it for example moving a servo with voice commands. What i need help with is how to set it up. Every time i try it does not work.i need help setting it up and i needed to ask if i need a microphone to set this up


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I am trying to set up a continuous rotation servo on the port D0


We need more info.... What exactly is not working..... To start with you have to have Windows 7 or 8 and an external microphone if your PC does not have one.... Also have you trained your PC to recognize your voice yet?

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Basically i want to set up a servo to follow my voice commands.

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I think i went on the wrong categorie am i suppose to go to sound servo pc or sound servo ezb

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My computer does not have a microphone and i do not have a microphone connected to the ezb


You need a microphone in order to use speech recognition...Sound servo does not use a microphone it moves a servo based on sound level output from your ezb speaker or your PC speakers.... The EZB4 itself does not have a microphone, nor can one be added to it...


I was under the impression (perhaps mistakenly) that if you use Sound servo (ezb) that is does not use the PC mic for audio level detection, but rather some internal sensing...maybe magic....we can't out rule magic or witchcraft, LOL

But Richard is 100% correct for "Speech Recognition" you must use a mic. There is no way around that (currently...remember, we can't rule out witchcraft).


You're right Justin.... No mic is involved with using sound servo... it's all output level sensing (not sound related, meaning as you mentioned "internal")....

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So if i want to get my speech reconition working so that my robot understands what i am saying and replies back to me i am going to need an mp3 trigger


No, you do not need a mp3 trigger when using the V4.... The V4 has a built in speaker.... Like I said you need a windows 7 or 8 PC (with a microphone).... In ARC you need to use the Speech Synthesis control (and V4 sound board control if you want to play music out through the V4 speaker)... That's it.... Later you can add more controls as you wish.... Remember the info on how to do this is in the Learn section of this site....

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So i need a computer that has a built in microphone


You simply need a microphone. See if your computer has a microphone jack (it should be round) and if it does then purchase a microphone for your computer.

On PCs and Laptops the mic jack is often color coded pink. The speaker jack is often green. Tablets usually have all in one headphone/mic jack (if they provide one at all).

Another mic alternative is a Bluetooth wireless mic, like the sort used with smart phones. For that to work your PC/Laptop/Tablet would need Bluetooth interface built in one added via a Bluetooth USB dongle.

Does that help clarify what you need? Or are you still confused?


@Mohamed.r.... Or you can by a $10 microphone and plug it into your computer....

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I will see more on the 10$ microphone because my dads computer is 8 years old and does not have a microphine and my computer is a mac booc pro without windows


You could use a bluetooth headset or microphone. I am using a bluetooth headset for my robot and it works well. With a computer of that age, you would probably need to use a bluetooth dongle which plugs into a usb port. Many of these headsets and microphones come with a dongle.

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Can you give me a link to the headsets or dongles online

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I just got an idea. What if i do all the programming on my laptop and then make a mobile app and transfer the speech reconition on to the mobile app. So this way the speech reconition will work on my phone but not the laptop


Review of some with links to buy

I like Plantronics head sets personally but some hate them.

It all depends on your budget as to how good they get. I personally like the Plantronics headsets, but I see that they don't offer any bluetooth other than for the PS4 now from their website directly.



I just got an idea. What if i do all the programming on my laptop and then make a mobile app and transfer the speech reconition on to the mobile app. So this way the speech reconition will work on my phone but not the laptop

Um... no. Speech recognition is not supported (yet) on the mobile app.

There are apps on google play that allow you to use your Android phone as a remote microphone, but so far I have not found any that worked well and most are just badly designed carriers for advertisements.



I tried using Skype with some mixing of audio at the PC using my cell phone with skype installed as a microphone. That was an epic fail.

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Ok thanks for all the info. My budget is around 30$