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Speech Recognition - Pause Not Working


When my voice recognition is paused it still activates.

The sound wave is red and pause check box is grey.

I have an enable phase as well, but doesn't seem to make a difference, the saved phrases seem to activate when paused and even if enable phase has not been  activated.

ControlCommand( "Speech Recognition", PauseMS, 10000) Doesn't make a difference either (red wave and grey box for time period, but is ignored)

I also can't change the language from en-GB.

Any tips on what I'm not doing right?


ARC - (2020-04-03) LattePanda with Leonardo - ( Arduino mega on 2nd com port - (

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Speech recognition pause is working correctly. Perhaps post your project or code. I just took some time to load ARC and test the speech recognition pausing with success using both code and pressing the pause checkbox.

To change the language, ensure you have correct languages installed. View the manual for the speech recognition control by pressing the ? (question mark) on the title bar of the control.

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Created a new project just with voice and a few sounds, added enable and disable commands as well, and appears to work ok.

Not sure how I broke it in my main project, guess I can't blame the uk voice accent now.

Ill tinker more this arvo, when I get home from work.

I've removed enable command (to stop false triggers), so I can see whats in the log this arvo as well.

Any idea why I still cant change the language, I have aussie language  (en-AU) loaded in windows. (initial install was en-GB

I might also try and remove en-GB,  uninstall/reinstall ARC, just to see if it grabs en-AU.

Cheers mate


Finally got to spend a lil time on this.

Uninstalled ARC, reboot, can't uninstall en-GB (for whatever reason)

Reinstall ARC, (Still only have en-GB as possible speech, even thou en-AU is my default in win 10)

Pause seems to work better now, I still get a lot of false triggers thou.