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Speech Recognition Questions

i must say i am a newbie in this robot thing but i ordered my complete kit and i want to use voice control..but iss not picking my voice up and i dont know whether is because of my accent (Ghana accent) or i havent done the right configuration..i looked into the video tutorials yet i cant set it up...please someone should help me


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Hello welcome may I ask you a what windows operating system are you using


thanks..i am using a windows 7 sir...skyping would be soo helpful


@azupwah Welcome:) Within each control there is an ? button that is beside the X (close). If you press that control, you will be directed to a tutorial page. The tutorial page for the Speech Recognition Control will explain how to perform training for your voice:)

As you speak, you should be able to see the audio graph move with the volume of your voice. If that works, then training is all you need. Otherwise, you may need to adjust your microphone volume settings.


thanks alot DJ..I would try it now


@azupwah, You said you ordered your complete kit. Have you received it and connected to ARC, or are you trying out ARC while waiting for the kit? I don't know if this has changed in the past year, but I had the same issue when I was waiting for my kit to arrive, and DJ explained that ARC voice reco only works when connected to an EZ-B (something about timing).



Mine works fine without connecting to ezb.


Yes, Mine worked also without being connected to EZB. In fact even now if I don't have it hooked to EZB and ARC running the program will respond and controls will start working if I state a command.

With that said I had some difficultly at first getting the Speech Recognition to respond. It turned out to be several things that I needed to set up properly in Windows 7. I had to set the proper recording device and microphone levels in the sound and Microphone setup section and then train Win 7 to my voice in that section of Win 7.

If you want to actually hear what Windows is hearing you can plug a set of headphones into your computer through the headphone input jack (if you have one) and click on the "Listen" tab at the top of the Microphone Set Up window. That also helped me set the proper Mic levels as you can adjust them "live". Not sure if that made a big difference but it was good to know my voice was coming through.

Good Luck and have fun, Dave Schulpius


My data is old then. Sorry if I sent you down the wrong path.





They are a great bunch of guys aren't they. True enthusiasts to robot building.


nooo not yet..this time if i open the ARC i try to add a control,it tells me "voice recognition was not able to start your device.there is either no listening device or your operating system is not supported"....eventhough i wasnt getting this massage earlier,i tried to configure the microfone and setting up the inbuilt speech recognition on my pc..i think i messed everything up..any help please?

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I get that message but I have another program open using the mic which is what I put it down to (it may not be, I've not looked in to it as voice recognition isn't high priority yet).

It may pay to check nothing else is using the voice recognition in Windows though, either the built in windows voice recognition program or another third party program.


so is there some kind of solution to this issue or i would just have to forget about the speech recognition..i really need the speech recognition badly...i dont really know,but adding you on skyping and helping me out with the whole robot setup would be soo helpful and cuul...


I really think the problem is something on your computer not being set or set properly. We have a couple Windows experts here on the forum that are always helping. One has already added to this thread. If you really need this like you say I would suggest if you cant do it yourself then you take it in to a local computer repair store had have them look at it for you and get it working. That may be the fastest and less stressful solution for you. :)


apparantly,if i speak i canhear myself talking...#sigh..i think i really configured something wrongly

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I assume this is the message you are getting also?

User-inserted image

If it is I will bump it up my list of things I need to look in to. I'm pretty sure it is directly connected to Windows voice recognition and something else is stopping ARC from accessing the microphone.

The first thing to check is that the microphone is enabled in windows though and picking up sound (right click on the speaker icon by the clock and choose recording devices, then speak in to the mic and you will see the bar on the left moving...

User-inserted image

If you don't get the bar moving or the mic isn't enabled, enable it and set it up to listen correctly then go through the speech recognition set up process in Windows (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Speech Recognition)


Exactly..that is the same massage i microphone is enabled...#sigh

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I'll bump it up my to do list and see if I can get mine working.

It is odd as mine works 100% fine for windows speech recognition, vox commando, skype, live messenger etc. but ARC can't hear it and acts like it isn't even there. So really, as far as windows is concerned, it should work.

But I'll try a few things tomorrow and see if I can figure it out.


thanks are the men..:)


What does the Debug window show? Add Controls -> debug

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Loaded speech recognition with en-GB culture Set Dictionary Error loading phrases (Custom): The language for the grammar does not match the language of the speech recognizer. Set Dictionary Error loading phrases (Custom): The language for the grammar does not match the language of the speech recognizer.


mine says EZ 0:TCP server stopped EZ 1:TCP server stopped EZ2:TCP server stopped EZ3:TCP server stopped EZ4:TCP server stopped

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@azupwah, add debug then add voice recognition, it'll be interesting to see what yours gives too.


wow..i got the same thing Loaded speech recognition with en-GB culture Set Dictionary Error loading phrases (Custom): The language for the grammar does not match the language of the speech recognizer. Set Dictionary Error loading phrases (Custom): The language for the grammar does not match the language of the speech recognizer.


@RichMR2 whiles we await for the solution to the speech recognition,would like to u help me with the other servo configurations for the omnibox...i am tryin to use that as my first project but i am totally lost since i am a newbie..i have seen the tutorials several times but looks very difficult to configure the arms,the head,and the legs of the u mind me adding u to skype so that u cld give me a step by step tutorials

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OK, it seems ARC doesn't like the UK profile (or anything but US I am assuming) for VR (perhaps something for a future update if DJ has time, although the following fixes it... in a way)

Click start Click control panel View by Large Icons Double click Speech Recognition Click Advanced Speech Options Change the language to US.

User-inserted image

Click OK Accept the popup stating it will be changed next time Speech Recognition is started.

It should now work in ARC (please let me know either way)


BINGO! YOU ARE THE MEN!....Thanks alot guys are just tooo let me see if my speech recognition would work...would get back in a few minutes


ook so my only problem now is to get my speech recognition you think it can be because of my accent? if soo,how do i get to train it with my voice?

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Go back to speech properties (as in my last message) and click on the "train profile" button. All recognition training is done in windows not ARC.


ook...i am now done with the training in please,what do i do next?

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ARC Speech Recognition tutorial is at

When you first add speech recognition it auto populates with a few commands, add your own and the script(s) for the command then just say the command.

You will need to have the robot's servos and Movement Panel set up before anything will work, speech recognition can only control what you have told ARC is there.

Check it works by adding speech recognition and say "robot move forward" and it should move forward provided you have set up the movement panel.

Follow the tutorials and it all becomes clear, the best way is to build the EZ-BoxBot which DJ has provided many video tutorials for which will guide you through the whole process from unpacking the EZ-Robot Complete Kit.


i have realised that,the software used in the video tutorials looks different from mine cos when you "add control" i go to "speech", i see 3 other options which are "speech recognition",speech synthesis and speech synthesis settings...i chose speech recognition..i get a "a speech recognition window " instead of "voice recognition" window that i can configure the commands...after i added a command,i dont get to see that "green writing" on the speech recogntion window.

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There was a GUI change recently which has made it look different but the functions are all the same.

Add Speech Recognition Click config You get this pop up

User-inserted image

Add in your commands and scripts etc. Speak the commands Confirmation is shown in the Speech Recognition box

User-inserted image


yeah now that is the problem,i dont get the confirmation in the speech recognition box

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In which case it is a windows speech recognition issue and indicates you need to set up speech recognition more. Run through all of the help on speech recognition that windows gives, make sure your microphone is set up correctly, speak clearly and train windows (google for it if you need more help, there are literally thousands of sites with information on them about training windows Speech Recognition).


i only get the vu meter beside the "config" button move up and down when i speak but i dont have the confirmation...please how do i add an image here...i could take a snapshot of my screen

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I don't need a snapshot:)

It's picking up your voice but it's not recognising you. You need to train windows speech recognition to better recognise your voice. Run the training again, click on all of the help links in windows for training speech recognition.

There really is nothing anyone but you can do as it's not understanding you but everything else is fine.


alright man...thanx a bunch..i really appreciate it...would try the training again...:)


RIch, DJ should put you on the payroll. You're a real asset for them and us. I hope you don't burn out. Thanks! :)

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I like to help out where I can, I know I will be asking for help on some things so it's only fair. Plus sometimes I need a little change from the robot build or whatever. When it's something that gets solved and helps out others the satisfaction is thanks enough:)

#42 speech recogntion just turned out that the settings on my computer really messed up like @RichMR2 said...thanks alot guys..i really appreciate it....Now lets build robots!...happy new year everyone though


in using the default commands in the speech recognition,my robot moves in a circle anytime i issue a command for the robot to move forward or reverse..can someone please help me with the right commands?..i put the left wheel servo in D14 and the right wheel servo in d12

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See the other topic you made, I have answered with a (possible) solution.