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Speech Recognition In Spanish

I have complications with the Speech Recognition. I can get enabled and disabled the speech recognition with me voice but the orders ignore me . I am using Windows 8.1 with spanish language.



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@ Smarty
You are right, after reloading EZ-Buider twice, this time the sound detection windows came on.

And as you have already discover, the system can recognize a french sentence in the enable phrase under Speech rec set-up window.

but can't recognize other french phrase in the list.

I think we are on a right track. Hope DJ this find will help to resolve the problem.

User-inserted image
hi guys

is the language only to been seen when you have speech recog on your machien?

smarty are you using win7 ultimate?

User-inserted image
make sure you have the latest ARC version loaded

ARC Version 2015.04.20.00

i use always latest version.i have win7 home
@Nomad if you computer doesn't have speech recognition then that is why you don't have languages' available in the drop down list....

I have Windows 7 Prof. Only in Ultimate or Eterprise you can change the language.
If I wanna try english recog. I install Windows in english and it works but in no other language at the moment. I hope DJ can fix it asap ^^!

that was my question.i jus wanted to be sure.

thank you all

i just read it on microsoft,only ultimate and enterprise indeed.

thank you
My ARC only shows English US and GB!
My windows is already in Portuguese.. What am I doing wrong?!?

User-inserted image
Tevans, if it shows us English then change it to your desired language.

Smarty, I'm working on it. Which is why I'm having this conversation with you and asking for information to assist in understanding what I can do to fix another Microsoft bug. Pour yourself a nice hot cup of tea. I'll let you know when there's a new release.

As you may not know, I only speak English. I'm unable to test any other language. I can only go on your trust that the speech recognition in windows works perfect with German language. It's difficult for me to understand what the difference would be because we use the Microsoft windows speech engine. The same one that you claim already works.

So the real answer to the question I need to identify is what phrases work and which don't and why.

In time, I'll have another release that will move closer to solving your speech recognition issue.
That's the problem DJ... There are no other language available in the drop down menu.. When I click that, only English US an GB appear..
Do I have to install anything else?!
I have English and Portuguese installed in my windows 7
Both display ok. But when I choose Portuguese in windows, ARC does not load speech recognition... And the drop down menu (both with Windows in english or Portuguese) only shows US ans GB as options...
Tevans, only the speech recognition languages that are installed in your computer will show up in the list.
DJ, I can wait :-). I believe in you!
I know, EZ-Robot is a never ending story and it takes time. don't worry, we
fix the problem together.
it's late in the US, you are working overtime today.
thanks for the quick help and update.

now it works fine in german :-) YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!
I use confidence 0,50 - a very fast recog.

wow, all is more colorful, thank you DJ

@ALL - > now EZ Robot understand the world <3

I know, you don't like the question: is it possible to add a micro on ez-board or not ? its better to use a mic outside, but is it possible ?
I don't wanna open a new thread or searching. . so Im asking you here
thank you for all!

dont forget to fix the backup-prob in future.
it's not a big prob but better for a fast controlling.

Well, I have Portuguese installed.. But I'm not shure if it's installed as "speech recognition" inside Windows.. I'll check and let you know
Well, I just found out that windows 7 DOES NOT have speech recognition for Portuguese!
That's incredible, since Brazil, Portugal, and other countries are a very big market for them..
So, I'll try to install windows 8..
hi tevans

may i ask whits win8 you will be installing?
merci, merci, merci!
DJ you are a champ. speech rec. is now working in french.

My family and friends will be stunt by the interaction done in their own language.

Again: BRAVO!:P

I am sure when you install windows8.x you will have access to speech rec. in your own language.

good lock
That's great to hear everyone:) I'm glad I was able to help

@smarty, there are some people who have added microphone to the robot. I know the robot makes many noises and the microphone does not hear well. I only use headset microphones. I never use microphone on the computer. I find headset microphone works very reliable 100%.

If you want to put a microphone on the robot, perhaps a Bluetooth microphone? I am not sure which Bluetooth microphones are compatible with Windows.