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Speech Recognition/Greeks?

Hello forum!

I want to ask if I can use another software for speech recognition? Because I want to give voice commands to my robot in Greek language and as I know windows speech recognition does not support Greek language. 

Any help or any ideas please



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While I would like to take credit, the AI Support Bot answered your question with the 3rd link about Speech Recognition.

All you need to do is add another language in windows and then select that language in the drop down menu inside the Speech Recognition control settings.

You can find instructions for adding a language to windows 10 here.
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There are at least 2 Portuguese Sayings about life where Greeks are mentioned:
"ver-se grego" = "see yourself Greek"

We use it when we are in trouble and we can't find a solution or it was so difficult to get out.

"Isto para mim é grego" = "This to me is Greek"
We use it when we look to something and does not matter how you look it you can't get it.

Now I understand your pain, ASFAIK there are no offline software solutions for Greek speech recognition or at least easy and affordable... 

you have Nuance:

be prepared to trade your brand new car or ask for loan to use their "integration products"

OR you can check google cloud api:

maybe I'm wrong but it seems (offline) an impossible mission...
Oh sorry @sakis33 I didn't read that you already tried windows,

I went to add a language myself, found this and assumed it supported Greek:

User-inserted image
Dear jeremie,

windows speech recognition doesn’t support Greek language ( speech to text). Unfortunately , Soviet am looking for another software ! I find one but I did not install it yet!
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Hi ptp, just to rectify.
The second 2 portuguese saying is not with greeks but with chineese.
"Isto para mim e' chines"
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I give up !!!

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Hello ptp

thanks allot for your help.

i am going to read about it and how can i use it on my robot.*cool*