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Speech Recognition Files

I've been using a laptop with Vista Home and EZ-Robot for 18 months or more now and the voice recognition is accurate and stable.

As EZ-RObot moves away from Vista I am of course wanting to upgrade to Win8 but am not keen to have to retrain voice....

Anyone come across a way to migrate the voice recognition files?


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I found a program which can backup voice profiles, I will see if I can find a link again. It's from XP I think and haven't checked it on anything else but it should work.

I'll update with a link shortly.


By saying "updating the link shortly" you mean under 60 seconds? Wow, your a treasure Rich! We're lucky to have you around.

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Well I was panicking a little as I almost went over a minute but managed to do it with 3 seconds to go:) I'll try to be faster next time lol.


@tameion , awesome Rich was going for the internet answer speed record there lol. Could you mark this thread as answered please? Thank you - Josh


I went to windows8 and changed the man's voice to a woman's voice. It included both.