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Specific Rechargeable Batteries For Ez-B V 4 Controller

Hi I was wondering if there is a specific rechargeable battery that the ez-b v4 requires? I see on amazon that the rechargeable batteries are either Rechargeable alakline, Ni-he or Ni-Lith but I'm not sure which type to use for the ez-b v4 controller to maintain proper charge and damage control for use on the servos any ideas on which batteries to buy?


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LiPo 2s (7.4v) rechargeable batteries provide the best performance. Something similar to the one from the EZ-B store will do, just keep in mind the higher the mAh, the better it will perform under load, more play time also:) .


Also the V4 no longer have built in voltage regulator. If you want higher voltage like 12v, an external regulator will be needed. Or can play it safe and use a 7.4v that can easily support servo and sensors. But certain sensors like the HC-SR04 only play nice with 5v, that's where you datasheet come info play:) .


Ok and So would you recommend using 1100, 2800 or 3000 maH batteries for safe use?


If 3000mAh is in your budget by all mean go for it. Higher amperage equal higher play time. A battery’s capacity determines roughly how long a battery will last at a specific voltage given a specific discharge rate. 3000mA = 3000/1000 = 3Ah... It mean your battery would provide 3amp per hour. Yes it is safe.


Kool thank you for all Your assistance, you have been very helpful =)