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Sparkfun Digital Temperature Senor And Gas Sensor!!

Hey guys, so i bought these two items on impulse thinking that they would easily work with the Ez-B but I cannot find any information on how to connect these bad boys to the ez-b! Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated! links below.




and I also bought the break out board for the gas sensor:)



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I would like to know also. I just bought the LP Gas sensor and breakout board.
It looks like they are i2c interfaced to the EZ-B. The datasheet and arduino code will demonstrate how to code for it. I'll add direct control support for it if you send me one. Otherwise if you want to tackle adding it yourself, load the C# or VB control and check the EZ-SDK documentation.
Thanks DJ.
Here is the data sheet and also a wiring example wiring with code example for the LP Gas sensor for anyone who is interested. I want to try to figure it out myself first by using this info. If I run into problems I'll yell for help. :D

Data Sheet

Wiring Example
Thanks dj! Yeah I would love to get the gas sensor to work, I'll have a fiddle with it when I get some time.

Would you recommend that I use the Phidgets analogue temperature sensor instead and use through it the ARC 'adc graph' or 'adc reader'. Would be much easier for me as I'm not that good with the coding.

phidgets temperature sensor
The ADC will be much easier and faster, yup:)
I have the temperature sensor hooked up to ADC. But, it gives me a voltage and I have not figured out how to change the voltage 1-5volts into temperature. But, it IS working on the ADC port. it is a minor item, so I am not too concerned about it yet.
Alright thanks heaps! Yeah I would like to get that temperature module working, gotta wait for to come in the mail now.