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Soundservo Tied To The Rgb Animator?

@DJ.... Not sure this is even remotely possible. Could you tie in something like the soundServo control to the RGB Animator and/or the new 64 LED animator matrix you guys are working on and have it respond to sound? It would cool to be able to simulate a talking mouth by using the animator and a variation of the sound servo control or to just fade the Leds in and out according to sound level....


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Script it dude, show me what you can do:)

P.S. Good idea, a control would be much easier.


@Rich.... Ha, ha, you're right I could use a variation of Luis' text to speech engine script I was using for my inMoov to drive the LED matrix instead of servos.... Good idea Rich.... :)


You can also just use the soundservo variable without a servo defined. It gives a value between 0 and 100 which can then be used in a script to "do things"

I have a SoundServoV4 object in my project, with no servo defined.

Then I use this script to send PWM to an LED.

$Soundv4Value = 0

Does have the issue of running a little faster than the sound, which DJ says he is working on.



@Alan... That's good for a single led. I wanted to not just pulse with sound but to drive the entire RGB animator to mimic a virtual mouth... So we just need to incorporate and drive the RGB animator into your script.... Luis' text to speech engine script does a pretty good job of dissecting words so I am now thinking I might give it a go and try to mimic a virtual mouth.... I only have the regular ez robot 9 x 2 LED animator to work with. The new ez robot 64LED animator would be better for this, however....


Yeah, I was just showing the example of using sound servo variable. What you do once there is a number in the variable is something else.

Advantage is that you can use this with MP3s as well as speech. That is also its disadvantage (IE, it reacts to music even if you only want it reacting to speech).

I start and stop it as needed, but may switch to Luis' script as well.



Hey Alan... no worries I actually forgot about that simple method of driving an LED via sound level so thanks for posting it again... So even if I do get it working (which I am hoping I will) it will no doubt be a little crude requiring extra scripting like Luis' text to speech engine .... I was hoping @DJ would be able to create an elegant "all in one" type control for it...:)


yeah. Once DJ works out the synchronization issue, I would actually really like to see a VoiceServo object (as opposed to SoundServo) that is specific to Text to Speech. I think that is what 90% of us are trying to do with SoundServo anyway.