Soundboards EZB And PC

It my understanding after studying tutorials that Soundboard PC can't edit a file. Only the Soundboard EZB allows you to edit the sound file, correct?. However, I don't want the low quality sound that comes out of the controller, I want the sound to play from the PC speaker that is redirected to a bluetooth speaker. I'm trying to choreograph movement to music and the SOUNDBOARD EZB is perfect but I don't want the sound to come out of the EZB speaker. Is my only option to wire in a speaker jack into the controller?

Thanks, Brooks

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Use SoundBoardPC control to play audio or PlayAudio("") script command and Bluetooth your device to a speaker.


Use audiocity to edit audio files

use scripting to delay between movements for chronograph

ezrobot has a good tutorial on that where professor e made robots act movie scripts