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Direct Power Connection Without Battery

Direct Power Connection Without Battery

Hi, I am working on creating a full scale humanoid robot using the EZ-B V4 controller and the servos from the JD robot. The servos are...

Soundboards EZB And PC

It my understanding after studying tutorials that Soundboard PC can't edit a file. Only the Soundboard EZB allows you to edit the sound file, correct?. However, I don't want the low quality sound that comes out of the controller, I want the sound to play from the PC speaker that is redirected to a bluetooth speaker. I'm trying to choreograph...

New Frame Initialization

When creating a new frame, the servos make the arms fly out straight. Just like when you make the initial connection with JD. I changed the connection initialization to "STAND" but where can I change the initial position for creating a new frame? Also, can the speed the servos move to this initial position be slowed down?
Connection Sequence

Connection Sequence

Hi, I'm working to customize JD with much longer arms. Is there a way NOT to have the arms fly out straight when you initially connect? Thanks

Longer Wires

Hi, I'm working to customize JD. Are there longer wires available that I can purchase? What type of connectors are ports D0-D23 so I could make my own longer wires. If I cut the existing wires and extend them say to 50-100 cm are their any communication issues that I need to be concerned about? In other words, are there any length restrictions?...
Wifi Connection

Wifi Connection

Hello all, I just purchased a JD and have it assembled. However, I'm having trouble making a wi-fi connection. Hoping someone can help. I also uninstalled McAfee anti-virus and disabled the...
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