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Soundboard PC WAV And MP3 Files Playing Very Fast

I have  several WAV and MP3 files that I added to the Soundboard to play out my PC. file plays fine in iTunes, VLC Player, you name it on the PC. However all the files will play very fast through the sound board. If I export the sound back out of ARC builder (latest version) the file plays fine in iTunes, VLC Player, you name it. It is almost like there is some sort of timing issue. What could it be?

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Share one of the files and let's take a look! The Soundboard PC uses the windows decoder libraries, so they should play the same speed. But you never know, maybe one of the headers of the files is corrupt. Depends where you got the files and what the headers that define the frequency/bitrate says
Hello all. I was not sure where to post questions about Soundboard PC, but I have Lenovo PC's. A P52 and a T460. When using the soundboard PC and loading a WAV or MP3 file the files play way too fast. Sounds like chipmunks. the files can be exported from the Soundboard using export button and they will play fine outside of ARC (EZ-Builder). they play fine before they go into ARC. The only way I get a good MP3 or WAV file to play is if I use Voice recorder built into Windows 10 and record say my voice using the built in MIC. I have no external MIC so did not try that. When I save that file and convert to mp3 or WAV using Audacity, the file is correctly playing in Soundboard PC. I can even use the windows system wav files and put them in ARC and press play and they come out wonky/very fast playing. any ideas? Lenovo's use the Realtek audio so nothing special I can see. Anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve if you did? Thanks
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I’ve responded to you. Please do not post the same question in multiple threads. We try to keep stuff organized around here:)

i moved your second duplicate comment into this original thread. Read my response above and I’ll help you out
I have had trouble uploading the file when I click the file button to share the  file this link comes up.the_force.zip

In any event you can download any wav file from anywhere or mp3 and it will not play correctly. But I got the wav files from wavsource.com.
Also I had a lattepanda that I tried to see if it was because Lenovo used some different kind of audio hardware and compare. The Lattepanda had the june 25, 2019, version that you had stable when showing off the Lattepanda in one of your video series,  version of ARC on it. Opened up a blank project added the soundboard control, added the wav file played great as expected. I then downloaded the new ARC and downloaded that and installed it. Did the same thing. Opened up blank project, added the control, added the file, and now sounded like chipmunks. I have not gone back to the version I had. this is my next test to see if it goes back to playing correctly and not a fluke or something I did. But that is the version that has worked at least once. I had tried on the Lenovo's to go back to a previous version and that also came out as chipmunks (version stable before ARC of ARC). I will share the results of going back to June 25 2019 version.
hello DJ. Sorry for the duplicate posting. I did not know where to write about this issue. I also made an error. the version that last worked on my lattepanda was the Beta version 2019.06.25.00. Not a prod release. Again that was around the time of the feature to get LattePanda to work with its onboard Arduino among other things. in any case the soundboard PC works as expected. I will have to search and see if I have any other versions later than that, but that is the version that works on my latte panda. I will next try on my Lenovo devices and see if I can recreate it working there with this version and go from there and report back. I hope some of this helps? Thank you.
Hello once more. I know I am a PITA. Anyway, I was able to go back to the 2019.06.25 beta for Lenovo's and LattePanda's (I have two of both) and the soundboard PC works on all the machines with any mp3 or wav file I have thrown at it from the same source wavsource.com All works as expected. I have no other versions between that date and the new ARC version and I guess there is no access to those versions anymore. So is there a special way you would like me to download the new version and install it and see if the issue goes back to the chipmunk sounding files? Like should I remove the version already installed 6.25.2019 and then install ARC, or download from some FTP site, or what have you to negate a corrupt download? Are you able to replicate the issue perhaps? Obviously have a LattePanda and probably could confirm or deny this puzzle I have.  I know that most folks would say who cares use the EZB or get an external speaker or solder one on the EZ-B. But I thought it something to report and I'm sure the work you have done on this software and hardware you probably might be curious as to what might happening. anything you can shed a light on would be appreciated. thanks again.
I can confirm @rteband's issues form downloaded wave files form wavsource.com ... in ARC 04 09 (using soundboard PC) they indeed don't play correctly.... However, normal mps files (songs) I have on my PC seem to play fine....
Thank you @dunning_Kruger. Yes he is correct. What I found so far is that the files have to be 44100 khz. If I use Audacity or something like that and just change the rate from 11025 or 22050 Khz, to the 44K rate, then the Wav files work. I I have seen the same issue with the mp3 files as well. It looks like some files were 48khz and would play but lower in octave. As with the Wav files putting them to 44 khz or if you play MS 32 bit mp3 files, would make them work correctly. Now that I know that I have to correct most of the wav files and some mp3 files, that is not a problem. I just I never had to adjust any of the files before and with the older ARC software I could use any old file whether it was 22 khz or 11 khz or what have you. if this is something you can include to allow other rates, that is great. If you can't that is fine too, obviously. Again, I said it stumped me why upgrading would change how my files play. Thank you all again very much.
Hmmm - I'm looking into it. There hasn't been a change in the audio package between ARC and ARC. Another mystery:)
Either it's always been this way or windows changed a decoder in a recent update. But i fixed it for next beta release anyway:)
Sorry that was not to read from ARC to ARC. It should have been written as ARC 2019.06.25 to ARC latest. I must have sneezed and wrote the same thing :/  I tend to not update with the adage, if it ain’t broke don’t update it. But I thought it time, and wanted any new features, so their lies the rub. Again, many thanks.
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I am using the latest beta version

mp3, wav any rate works in my PC sound board

test recording with audacity