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If you mean the chime the ezb makes when it boots up? Not that I am aware of... However, if you don't need sound you can remove the speaker from the ezb...


thanks but that's a bit drastic, I still want sound it's that the chimes are so loud is all

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Unfortunately I'm not aware of any way the EZ-B start up chimes volume can be reduced either. The only way I can suggest is to hack the EZ-B and use a sound breakout mod as explained here . With a separate amp you can manually set the volume to where you wish. But of course this may not be a suitable option for everyone (or yourself) due to different bot designs or having an unmodified Revolution bot. But it's an idea neither the less.:)


Or... as mentioned if you don't need the sound much, a piece of tape over the speaker opening might quiet it a bit....


Or if you do the breakout mod, you can plug in a battery powered speaker and change the speaker volume.


the breakout mod looks a bit daunting for me at the moment I think I'll leave well alone for now unless the wife really gets too p'ed off. :D thanks for your help though


It would be nice to turn this down or even shut it off. I have an EZB in the leg section of my B9 and each time I start him up that chime go off and the woman says "I am connect to your network". It sounds like there's a woman in his pants and it always gets a smirk from anybody around. :P

I have done the breakout mod and the start up chimes and notice still sound through the on board speaker. The only way to stop it is to remove the speaker from EZB.

However it's good to know that the EZB has connected or not. That feature has helped me a few times with connection problems.

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I guess the wife wasn't too happy then lol :P.

Jokes aside, doing the mod really is not that difficult. I did it ok and I'm no expert at soldering by any means. I did mine with a male end headphone socket which plugs in to a rechargable speaker with a built in amp. I have supplied a few pictures of my mod which may help you.

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thanks for the pictures I find seeing what to do easier than reading about it. trouble is where I live we haven't got any electronics shops like radioshack to buy components so l have to scavenge stuff or order online, scavenging is more fun though. so for now I've removed the speaker and later I'll do your mod and add a socket to the unamplified outbreaks also, it's good to have the option.