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Sound Servo Script

Hi guys. I used Sound servo to drive a led to blink according to soundboard but i dont know how to make it work with mobile interface. i know how to make a button to make it sound but not the led part. is it possible ?


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that is not supported on mobile at this time.

There is a ? (question mark) next to every X (close) button. Press the ? (question mark) on the mobile interface builder to view the manual page. Here is a direct link:

all supported controls are listed on that page.


well, i thought it can be coded into to each soundboard file. i'll just get a W8 then .


You can edit a soundboard and add scripts to turn on and off the led. Soundboard is supported.

If you use W8, it will support all ARC functions.

The Sound servo (EZB Playback) will be added in future releases of ARC Mobile - as there's always new features being added.


but is it possible to add servo sound into the soundboard file script ?