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Sound Servo Control Error

This is mainly aimed at DJ.

Nothing major, but thought I should mention it. I've been looking for a way to flash an LED connected to a digital port when a "Soundboard PC" track is played not using the PC's microphone, but to use the PC's sound card much like how the talk servo works using the TTS engine. I haven't found a way yet.

Anyway, on EZ Builder version 2015.11.20.00, while looking through the "Audio" controls in EZ Builder I noticed a slight error. The "Sound servo (PC)" control is actually the "Sound servo (EZB) control, and vice versa. Tapping my laptops mic is picked up on the (EZB) control and not the (PC) control. It also contains the $SoundValue variable, where as the the (PC) control contains the $Soundv4Value variable (looks like a simple control renaming fix).

The (PC) control also repeatedly keeps kicking out a "object is in use elsewhere" error when it is not. It normally does it when I exit a control menu, delete, or add a control. I did the usual troubleshooting, restart computer, reinstalled EZ-Builder, using a single empty project ect, but it still keeps popping up.

Anyway, just thought you would like to know.:)


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United Kingdom
BTW, is it possible to add an option to the "Sound servo (PC) control to flash an LED or move a servo when a "Soundboard PC" file is played without using a microphone, or have I missed a control or option for it?

I'll add this to my list to take a look into:)
United Kingdom
Yep, just seen and posted on the update thread. Many thanks DJ :).