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Sound Sensor

to use the sound sensor script here .i have sensors with 2 pins,will this work?
i think its only a litlle mic or speaker from robosapien v2.


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United Kingdom
I don’t think you can use them, but I may be wrong. I’ve only ever used sound sensors with 3 wires connected to an ADV port.
Patrick, it depends. Can you post a picture of your sensor?

And, What do you mean "you think" it's a mic OR a speaker from a RoboSapien V2, shouldn't you know what you have? Mics and Speakers are not the same thing. :P
hi justin

yes its only a mic .i have the link for the good sensor.

User-inserted image
Yup, just a Mic and like @SteveG said, you can't use them. You would need to build some other support circuitry to turn it into a sensor before you could use it.

That's why the sound sensors that come with the 3 pins already have the extra circuitry built into the boards and are ready to use. The extra circuitry helps boost the mic sensitivity so it can actually hear things and usually has an adjustment to adjust the hearing range to suit your needs.

That was a good question Patrick.