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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Sound Boards

Is it possible to transfer sounds from a "Soundboard(PC)" to a "Soundboard(EZB) ?
I want to use some of the Wall-e sounds that other builders have shared on EZ-Cloud but they all are on Soundboard(PC). I want the sounds to come thru the EZBv4.


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No, they do not use the same audio codec. You can find Wall-e sounds using google and finding websites like this: Wall-e sound clips
Thanks DJ, don't you ever sleep! I've looked around quite bit on the internet. I'm looking for the "Tada" and that dance music you had.
I have used the microphone recorder to record the walle sound files and then export them to the soundboard ezb.
Thanks rb550f. I'll try that too.
I guess DJ answered my question so I'll mark this as resolved but if anyone has some sound files they would like to post that would be great.